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A Guide To Sew Professional Shirt Cuffs

A Guide To Sew Professional Shirt Cuffs

No matter if you are sewing a women shirt or men shirt, it’s important to focus on the shirt cuffs. If the look of the shirt is not up to the mark then, of course, people are not going to find any attraction in your skills. The collar and cuffs are the first things people notice when you are wearing any shirt and people usually determine the quality of the shirt just by looking at the cuffs.

With the help of best starter sewing machine, you can create round cuffs on the shirt. If you are an absolute beginner and looking for the great guide so you can prepare shirt cuffs then here we are to help you out. Visit https://craftsselection.com for more relevant information about the sewing machine and clothing.

How to sew shirt cuffs

Step 1:

To prepare the perfect and rounded cuffs you need to first measure the sleeves and make sure that both sides are exact in measurement. Now slit the sleeve from the middle to join it later and to connect the buttons from it. If you are sewing the shirt in cotton then before sewing doesn’t forget to pre-wash the fabric.

The pre-washing is going to help you in maintaining the overall look of the shirt later. You need to cut the interfacing of the shirt in the same measurement as you have made the space of the sleeves. The slit must not be long enough, if you have some old shirt in your room then measure it and then re-apply that measurement to the current project.

Step 2:

You must have look at the pattern pieces on the shirt cuffs to make the area prominent and to show the skills. While you are preparing shirt cuffs, you need to cut the pattern to apply on the sleeves. Cut the neat pattern and in my opinion, you should always place the pattern on the shirt and then cut it out.

Now first with the help of pins, attach the pattern on the shirt to have a look at the alignment. The right sides must be together and now attach interfacing. Make sure the edges are clean and after sewing, there must be no problem of fraying or damaging at the end of the shirt.

Step 3:

Once you are done with the wh*** alignment thing then you can move on to the sewing thing. Start stitching the top edge of the cuff and don’t forget to turn the seam where the slit is. The seam allowance should be around the ½ inches. At the time of sewing, the cuffs check the settings of the stitches, the stitch length must be small.

You will attach the interfacing with the cuffs and this is the reason why you should always check the settings and tension of the sewing machine. The top cuff must be attached properly as well as the crisp must be there so you don’t have to press and use stabilizers to bring the crisp in the shirt. With the help of the best basic sewing machine, you can sew it easily. Visit https://www.scoop.it/t/best-sewing-machine-for-beginners-basic-sewing-machine-review for more news regarding the sewing machine.

Step 4:

After finishing the sewing of pattern and interfacing, this is the time to create the small slit and turn it. Now you have to prepare the space for the buttons and h***s. When your sleeve is ready, now you have to cut the sleeve from the middle but the slit must be small like some old shirt. After slitting the sleeve now you have to press the wh*** cuff to bring it back to the proper shirt.

Iron shirt sleeves and cuffs

Press with the help of iron but if your fabric is not too stable on the sewing table then use stabilizer. This trick is going to bring the stability and crisp in the sleeve but you need to use it all the time before sewing if your fabric has no ability to bring the crisp of its own. Press it so the shape must look like a thin piece of paper.

Step 5:

This is the time to connect the sides of the pattern and seam allowance with one another. After sewing and ironing, to make the cuff look clean and to make it hold the specific place, you need to find the seam allowance and connect it. Before sewing, connect both of the parts with the help of pin and check out the alignment, once you are satisfied now you can sew it.

Step 6:

On one side you need to attach the button and if you know how to attach the button with the help of sewing machine then apply that trick or you can sew it by hand. On the other side, create the buttonh***s. Measure the button first to create the button h***s on the other side to avoid the conflict of a size of button and h***s.

Step 7:

You are done with the cuffs of the shirt. You can press it again, in the end, to provide more support and stability to the cuffs. Now turn the sides out and you are done with the wh*** procedure. Later you can try some new sleeves as well like button up. This practice is going to help you with moving in your professional life and practice is going to make things quite easier for you.

The only thing that matter is the cleanliness of the sewing and how much dedication you are pouring into the single project. For more information watch Which Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Comparison and you will be able to choose the best for yourself.


To prepare a sleeve is not a big deal. Just follow the simple tutorial and you will be good to prepare more and more. In the same way, you can also prepare collar of the shirt, just make sure that you are always on point when it comes to the measurement and the setting of the sewing machine is according to the project.

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