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Anyone had a chance to use the new Ni-touch rod from Broco?

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okay here's one for you old timers, Does anyone remember the ANDERSON EASY WELD U/W RODS. LENARD OR ANDY ANDERSON fm NYC area WAS THE INVENTOR OR DESIGNER of these rods. you may not recall the name but each rod was individually wrapped in a bag. The rods had a relative short life if left exposed to the water (reason for the bag) However, these rods I believe had a high nickle content and flowed like a topside 7018 in any position. The penetration and burn in was abosolutly great, In my oppinion This was or is (but I cant find it) the best welding rod for u/w welding. I tought several experienced welders to weld u/w and with in 20 min at near 0 experienced inwater the welder was welding with quality. The rod never made it big because of funding for the designer. He gave away or was ripped off too many times. I believe he did get get an ASTM RATING OR THE COUPONS WERE DONE FOR HIM. WHO KNOWS. WELL IF you know let me know okay. Part of this (whys or why nots is pretty much a guess) that's why I'm asking. Thanks DALE HEY, SEND YOUR REPLY TO MY EMAIL PLEASE. BELLDIVER2@AOL.COM THANKS
Haven't heard of those but sounds like they would have been nice to work with. We have been welding on an old sheet pile pier that has a high carbon equivalent. the original engineering design for our project (back in 95) had us using the Broco stainless rod where the mild steel plate met the pier because of the higher nickel content in the stainless. We then used regular soft touch mild steel rods for the angle iron pieces covering the sheet pile knuckles. (the angle being welded to the mild steel plates) It worked pretty well and would have probably lasted a lot longer if the plan to protect the structure with anodes would have been followed through on. Since that didn't happen, we are back 13 years later re-repairing the damn thing again. Oh well, job security I guess...

YES I know of that kind of repair work and actually the project I was working on was a sheet pile project. welding mild steel plates on the sheet pile where it had rusted through. Our plates measured 30 and 40 and 50 inches in lenght and the weld was all around. Supposed to be one root pass with a fillit weld with a min 5/8" weld face. I special ordered 5/32" rods and made hot single pass'. you have to tack the hell out of the work though. or it will pop. actually skip weld side to side top to bottom then fill in the blanks. THose rods I mentioned were also high in stainless and nickle. they were tough and i swear welded like non others I've seen since. If you're really good a verticle or overhead welding. Well these rods were just about equal in appearance I mean each pass was laid and burned into the preceeding pass. I want to know which rod does that now. I'm not stuck on that rod per say I just want to find out which rod produces a high strength and quality weld like that. SAYING the diver/welder is a welder, roger that? These so called easy weld soft touch means they produce a quick connection but my experience is that the welds are like welding with a 6011 and then you dunk it in water. no elastic properties to it. TELL ME THE NAMES OF THE BRANDS YOU RECOMMEND FOR THE WELD I'M looking for. If you don't mind. Dale
this job looks like it's in PR. is it? DALE


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