I am nearly finished my combi course with PDA. I am going to start sending my CV out.
I have OWSI qualification along with a couple of TDI tickets for advanced nitros and deco procedures. Although I am well aware this is different diving to commercial I feel it shows qualities such as a commitment to diving and in water experience. Do I include these qualifications?

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Although good quals for Scoooby Doo stuff, I would leave them off your CV! (Not that I'm an expert)

I appreciate that they show your commitment, but the people who read these wont really care! They just want to know your ability to do the job. Stick to the basics for the moment. More importantly start ringing up the companies and pester pester pester them for a job. They will either tell you in no uncertian terms to F*** off or give you a job!!

Rgds Robbo


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