Any idea on which one to take into sat?

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Jayson,howzit going? Long time bro.Ryan in Hong Kong.There are a couple of solid state laptops around,suppose you could take in,never tried myself but have been told you are best off with one that you can seperate the battery for charging .
Howzit Ryan!

Yep long time no see! Been some time since we worked with that "you'll never work in the gulf again d***'!! ha ha ha!

Last sat I saw some guys had these Asus laptops.. clever me ...I think I went and bought the wrong one..

Keep well!
Hi Guys

Ive been working in the North Sea for sometime now and over the past view years the Eee PC 700 Series has stood up to the deep jobs so far ive only seen a few with screens that have black blotches on but they go away in time.
They have a solid state hard drive and work really well , I am currently in sat and typing this mail.
Their is what you would call a sat buddy which only charges the 700 series so one doesn't have to send out the battery for charging.
The 900 pulls 3.5amp where the 700 only pulls 2.5 amps
Asus 701 ive used it in sat and have had no problems .
Ive taken it down to 124m and its still working


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