as some people may remember depth pay was nothing from 0-50 ft. and shortly after kat came through we stared to get payed for it pay whent up to something worth wild now some companys are starting to go back to pre kat and taking depth pay away from divers how much will we lose before we stand together and tell the oil companys and the dive companys to kiss your ass

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When new divers stop takin jobs payin less than wal mart the companies will wake up. If your not getting depth pay, quit...Its not worth it. Divers workin for scraps rather than standing against BS like this, are not divers. Real Divers have several crafts to fall back on. Ie.Ship building, welding, Fabrication, Ironworkers, Boat Skippers, get it! Learn other crafts. You have the right to refuse to dive if the pay scale changes with or without notice. Will you cut your brothers throat by working one of these jobs or will you stand up against it. I have been a diver for over 20 years and a Multi Skilled Journeyman and Craft Master for over 30. WHen the money gets cut, I go home...In the 80's and 90's quite a few companies got greedy and were banckrupt by trying to cheat divers out of their money. When we walked, they lost the job. But we were back out with the man willing to pay our entitlements. We set or cut the market, not the Companies. When all divers get together and remember this things will change again. Not until. Diving Companies make Millions and spend thousands. Learn to walk away from cheap skates and the real companies will shine.
That is about as good as it can be said.
This has been going on for the past 32 years that I know and sure before that. It is the old story of why pay a guy 10 bucks if you can get him to work for 5?
The best is to just go home until the rates are right. I have personnally led several what turned out to be 'one man strikes'.
Trying to get oilfield divers to stick together is a great idea, but generally just that, a great idea.


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