I'll Start it out here! Who is "BSing" all the young kids into getting into a all ready over flowded market?

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I really feel sorry for all the kids today who spend 30K to go to dive school with the expectations of a 100K a year carrier. I see this everyday. Their up to the ass in student loans, their instructors make them buy all kinds of bulls**t diving gear at cost plus 20%, and the economy is in the s**ter. I don’t know who is feeding these students this crap but it has been going on for years.
---I really agree with you Dennis, on the other hand I find it mind blowing how little research these rascals have done before making such life altering decisions on their future. IGNORANCE IS BLISS. There is a large group of these guys never been scuba experienced before heading off to be deep sea divers. I preplan every dive in my head c/w ' what if's' before I even dress in for a dive, these tadpoles have jumped in headfirst not even knowing if they have a 10% chance of getting a job choking hose next year. My expectations lead me to believe dive schools get the money and 90% of the graduates get the shaft. ps-about 25% of new divers suffer from sea sickness and never learned about it 'dive school' :)
Chuck to date it has taken a good 5 months of posting on this web for the ma**** to catch on that the jobs are not what is expected to be for anyone thinking of going to dive school or in this career path.
Flynn came made a real good statement and it was "we already have enough divers and tenders for the next 60 years" that can sure make one pause for thought. Another strong statement made is that most of these guys have not done any research as to what the diving field pays and what the drop out rate is let alone face what real hardships one has to undergo to make it here and that in its self is sad. For the actual money vs time spent to get there well I for one will say we come out short. I will also say on the positive side of things I have made up to $5000 a day in this field and cleared over $3500 a week but its been awhile since I have seen those amounts it all evens out. Now for some newbee who thinks he has discovered a gold mine by reading my post here well your wrong go back and read my earlier part of this post.
To date in this field like all of the other old school guys who are still around have all been thru way too many of these periods that everyone is experiencing now. YOU NEED MORE THAN JUST DIVING SKILLS TO BE IN THIS GAME, ALOT MORE. Theres a lot of very real reasons the drop out rate is so high in this field. I guess you could say its mind over matter, if you dont mind it dosent matter but be prepaired to pay a very high price and bye that I mean way over what a dive school ever costs you to even ever become a old school diver. What your not thinking of being in this for a life time career well then son your in the wrong field and have just wasted your time and money.
Good luck you now have all the information you need the choice is completely yours.
Ace very very well put!!! I really hope the "Kids" read this before signing on!!
Chuck thanks I think this needs to be put on a more of a main viewed board see what you might be able to do thanks. Its kinda hidden where it now is. Ace.


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