Yesterday while in Jacksonville, Fla. I had the opportunity to visit the dive school there as I have been curious for some time as to what they had to offer for the new and next wave of tomorrows divers. I want to thank Mr. Onix for the tour of the school and intruducing me to all staff. In talking with a few students who were about to graduate I really felt good as to what I saw in todays youth that are about to enter the work force and what I saw of the school and what they are teaching, their set up and the physical trainning they require students go thru reminded me of the my military dive school while in the Navy with an offshore direction and that is a good disipline thing.

While in conversation with a Student  named Carson and several of his buddys it made me reflect on what it costs a student today for a divers education what about $20,000 there abouts things have really changed as it was $1250. back in 1971. In looking at todays new wave of diver wanta bees and realizing how lucky it is to have been been able to have and have had a career in diving for the past 40 years ( I cant belie!ve it's been that long) oh yes denial has been a wonderful thing I guess because I really cant imagine ever quitting. Enthusiam is a great modivator. If you have chosen commercial diving as a lifetime career who says you cant be older and still do commercial diving-Not Me Buddy-Dive on brother! Slack divers hose "See ya on the bottom".

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