Hi guys,

Could You tell how much is a total cost of the course? I know that fee is 32,000 Nok but what about accommodation, feeding and other stuff during 16 weeks?
I want to know minimum amount that I must have going Norway for Part 1.

And could You write me how looks example schedule of the day?
How many hours diving and theoretical cla****?

Thanks for answering:)


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Hi Filip. Accommodation vary from 3500-5000 NOK/month. Guess you'll be needing around 4000€ in addition to the course price. I hope some of the guys who've already been there can tell you more about the cla****. Dive safe.
Thanks Erik !

I also wish to know is NYD provide accommodation or You must find something by your own?

I know that the shortest way to find answers to my questions is write to the NYD, but I would rather ask You first, guys.


As soon as you have paid in the deposit they send you a couple of doc**ents including the list of people offering accommodation.

how are the visa norms ? for non EU citizens? 


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