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I have applied for the June 1st 2010 mixed gas course at CDA.  I am trying to get some insight as to what school is going to be like. How much "free time" ill have.  Also how much did you alumni study outside of school each day?

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the first month you'll be pretty busy. after that it kind of mellows out some and is more like a work week, where you have more nights and weekends to do whatever you do. if you're not a drinker now you will be by the time you're done. good times
Thanks Cameron. That is the kind of feedback I am looking for.
You see i am considering whether or not to move down to Jacksonville with my gf and get an apartment right by the school rather than live in the dorms.
Yea, You'll have nights and weekends to yourself as for the apartments they all go for a seven month lease. I graduated in November and now work in Jacksonville so it wouldnt have been that bad of an idea for me but you dont know where you'll be working the dorms come to about $247 a month and you get what you pay for which is generally not alot of sleep but there are some nice apartments around city square and walmart with a free gym and starbucks for about $750 a month not including utilities. Me I'd say if you dont want to stay at the dorms and have the money the apartments fine me and a couple of other guys stayed at an extended stay hotel for $711 a month with cable and internet full size fridge and a stove for 4 months right next to the windom but it's all up to you. Good Luck

so how was school for you? im going on Feb 28th. did u go through there emt and dmt training?


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