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I am a Filipino Citizen asking for help and any idea how to work in your lovely place in Canada as a Commercial Diver Inshore job i was previously a Navy Diver in Philippines for almost 12 yrs and applied for honorable discharge in the Navy. And i was engaged for almost 2 yrs as a Recovery of Japanese Imperial Army Chemical Bombs at the coastal of Kanda, Foukuka, Japan my contract was finished. And now i am presently working at UMC International PLc Dubai, UAE branch for more than a year in the offshore and inshore job we specialized in Ships Husbandry and Maintenance of Drydock Gate; Proppeller Polishing, CCTV UWILD, BHI, Hull Cleaning Using line gear, Blanking of sea chest, Cofferdam Installation, Water Blasting, we also doing the blocks rubber putting inside the drydock and Ships monitoring until touch down to the blocks, and any other inshore jobs. The reason why i need to look for another job in Canada is me and and my wife and my daughter plan to move in your lovely place...



Romualdo D Ganancial Jr

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all depends on which part of the country you truly want to live in , and do you really want to be breaking through ice in the winter .. ..


otherwise inshore on the coast is decent , quite slow though threw the winter months depending on where you are and what company you are with.


best to do some research on which part of the country you want to live in and then go from there.

As you might know , its a large country with many different facets of inshore work, you just need to figure out whats best for you and your family.


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