Hi everyone .. I am trying to find some background on the east coast dive companies as Ive got a little one on the way in May and am looking for something a bit more close to home for at least 6 months , just wondering if anyone could provide some heads up for in early advance.

Also .. is there only one Union for us Divers in Canada .. and does anyone know the contact person OR maybe some background information on them ??


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There isn't a divers union in Canada, try Pro-Dive in Newfoundland and Sea Force, in Nova Scotia, Dominion Diving. A real name would be nice when requesting information as a sign of courtesy !!!

In BC union is Piledriver & Divers Surrey loc. 2404 with a local in Prince Rupert. Union in Ontario is Carpenters I believe.
Connors Diving Ltd. from Halifax is the best and busiest diving company on the East coast. East Dive from Fredericton is good too but less work. Try longstreath.com you can find all diving companies in Canada.
No union for divers on the East coast.
Happy New Year
Happy New Years ! let it be safe for everyone

Thanks for the updates guys.

Pierre - I apologize for the name thing , as it was poor form on me.

Ive heard talk about Connors, Dominion and East Dive; although I am curious about Ship to Shore as well - any ideas ??

Or do any of you know where I can read up on the Tidal Turbine project being launched in the Bay of Fundy that Dominion has taken on ?

thanks again
Connors Diving was working on Tidal Turbine project launched in the Bay of Fundy.
You can read about this on the site www.openhydro.com/home.html


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