Hey guys,

Graduated from DIT in may this year. Looking to get to the gulf and on a rig/boat. Any advice. Companies? Just looking to be pointed in the right direction from anyone who has been in my position.



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Tough to work south, unless you have dual citizenship, can get the appropriate "visa", or hire on with an international outfit like Global and they sponsor you. Like I said-tough. Consider pounding the canadian domestic market or the international market, no tender breakout system, you'd still have to get your offshore safety certs-rig safety, helicopter underwater escape, etc. You'd probably be competing with local air divers, till you prove yourself and get enough BT to take your mixed gas bell cert. The main thing being to go where the work is and be prepared to stay until you either get a job or come home and wind up to try it all over again. I worked there for a spell till they threw me out, the outfit I was diving for was a small contractor that kept me busy but didn`t have the where-with-all or interest, to go to bat for me-when they could pick up another diver as easy as buying a beer. It really is a grind for newbies escpecially in these-uncertain-times. Good luck-Bill

Many thanks, i think this is one of the only straight forward answer I have gotten. Right now im just working with small inland companys around vancouver island and the mainland. I would love to get off shore though. Maybe south east asia. or even newfoundland. I am just wondering what is all needed to get there. is there a course that will give all offshore survival and helicopter training and what ever else you need. Any recomendations?

thanks again,

Hey Steve, how is the work in BC? I am doing some mickey mouse diving in Alberta and looking to switch over to BC...

Hi Steven
I graduated from DIT in 2006, at the perfect time (after huricane Katrina) and got hired right away for Cal Dive. 1st job was working offshore in the gulf of mexico. Then due to being a Cdn. the visa ran out and the company was not able to get another one. The best dives I've had so far were in the G.O.M. which I'm lucky as most of the dives can be super s***ty! I made $40,000 in 4 months and only had to pay 10% income tax! i was living the dream! This happened to all of the Cdn's exept for one (that I met, worked with, know of), and I think he's partly American. Since then I have worked on fish farms, pulp mills, ports, as a diver, standby diver, and tender. My advice to you is to become a member of the union, get your resume out and be willing to work anywhere, keep your chin up, dive lots and get all the experience you can :) Good luck!
apparently its really tough to get into the union. true? I havent done much research on the topic.
Not so much, but getting the hours can be tuff dependent on how much work your local has going, if they work a spare board, seniority issues, etc. Check it out.
I know this is an older post but Ill just give an update on the union issue with BC cause justin an a couple guys were asking.
As far as I know its a pain to get into, but once your in your sitting quite pretty!
From what I gather its a matter of working 50 topside days and 50 wet days, and you have to do it for a union company like Hydra on a union permit. Union guys are gonna work first, so the only time that you are gonna get out on a permit gig is when the union guys cant work due to sickness or leave or they have too much work already.
And these days I know there isnt a wh*** ton ofwork going around at the moment so it should bea tough nut to crack.
There are a bunch of non-union companies in BC as well but you obviosly dont get union perks with them, I have worked for a few as well. So its a matter of pounding the pavement and putting in your time out here and when the phone rings remeber "yes I am always available"


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