Hey fellas, Im out in BC and reading the forums here most of the talk is about GOM and North Sea and a sprinkle of Asia
Now how about our East Coast ?? I know more about those other places then I do about here. So one of the seasoned vets if they could give me a run down on the diffrenecs and simularities between us and the GOM ? And yes I know that its damn cold up here!
Im wondering about how many rigs roughly and how many dive companies are out there working them.
Breakout times and difficulties getting offshore (with offshore survival certs) and just general info about the east coast. Maybe even current days rates that are going!
and of course how much work is there at the moment compared to the GOM and North Sea, becuase I know its slow everywere but how are we doing in comparison!
Cheers guys!

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If you want to know about Quebec I suggest you go to www.scaph.qc.ca there are about 780 serious posts on Quebec commercial diving. Everything is in french, I gess this gives you a first difference ;)

Take care!
here in NL , most of the offshore dive work is in the summer and not a wh*** lot of it...... I'm hoping for 30 or 40 days this summer , last summer i got like 28 and it wasn't diving i was a tech. there was a sat. boat out there for like 3 months.

things you need for offshore CSA medical ($300), BST with H.U.B.A ($3000) offshore medical from AMOS ($150-200) H2S ($200)
thanks for the info there guys, And Karine that site is all greek to me, although it looks pretty snazzy!


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