Hey guys...I'm currently looking to get my own hat (KM27) new or used. I'm wondering where would be a good place to look? I don't like Ebay deals. I was thinking of making a trip down to Kirby Morgan shop in Santa Barbara or to DECA diving

Thanks in advance

Daniel Rosenberry

Anything helps

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Kirby Morgan sell only thru dealers, DECA is your best bet in California, Dive Commercial International in Seattle is another source . use the phone call dealers and see what kind of a deal you can make.

Diving helmets are a tool of the trade and 100% deductible on your income tax's. Let Obama buy it.


Dive Commercial International can supply you with a new SL27 with either the standard Superflow 350 Regulator or the new 455 balanced regulator at the same price. We can also order one for you in any of the optional KMDSI colors at no extra cost (until October 31st). I may be able to ship, no charge depending upon where you're located.

Call Steve K. at 206-784-5050 for details.

We also offer financing...

Steve Kushner


We have the pre-owned SL27 we spoke about here at our store. Send me an email so I can send you images and other details.

Steve Kushner

Did you find a hat yet? Feel free to check out the one I posted today shes a beauty.


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