Whats the demographic like now in the Gulf . Inland etc...?

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first figure out how many divers there are.........lmfao!!!!!
just wanted a shout out from any guys still diving over 40.should be kind of easy to get a head count of the gulf guys most of them are on the beach . lol
im 43 and still swimmin lol
Well Im 67 so I guess I make the cut.
I am 55 but don't tell anyone.
But divers are like fine wine they just get better with age...Right?

Those in agreement say "Aye"... opposed say "Nay"
1955 was a good year both for Chevy's and me. Care for a sip. Oh shoot, I am sorry. I forgot that you're married.
Happy flamin birthday Mike ohappy birthday toooo youuuu***********
the husband doesn't mind if I date but the boyfried sure gets ticked :-))
Almost 67 diving its not the number its how young you feel diving is like fine wine and I feel good, still rock'n its Mind over matter if you dont mind it dosent matter. Just hope your this lucky to be able to do it too.
Gonna try to go inland this time .I would love to go offshore but certain obligations prevent it at this time


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