I am still a student of the ocean corp as of feb.22nd 2010. for those that plan on going there i just want to give you a heads up. i cant really speak about the dive part of the school because im NDT. but the school in wh*** is a dump. If you visit the school they wont show you all the class rooms. most of them are very dirty and a couple of them look like storage sheds and should be used as such. For the NDT students, they will tell you that you will be a level 2 inspector when you gaduate. Far from true. The fact is, you will have the knowledge of a level 2 but you will still only be a trainee. You cant be a level 2 unless you have logged so many work hours. As of right now the schol cost 16k and for that amount of money there should be better conditions. Im not telling you this info because im mad and didn't get my way about anything. The fact is I could not find anything on the wschool when I looked before I went. Many of the students are prior felons. Many of them act out in class and the teachers say nothing to them. I encourage you to visit the school and really look around. Make sure you see class room F. look on the ground and see how littered it is with cigarette butts. After you get there they will make it very clear that they all about getting your money. They already have my money so I will finish.

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Boy are you ever in for a big suprise when you enter todays work world. Many in todays world do have felony convictions, many work places are a dump, many employees do act out Many companies hire people from other Countries who speak little or very poor english oh God we could go on and on here. Its a job it is not exactly designed to give you a comfortable feeling its a job designed for someone to get done and they pay you for it. Skary ?

Your going to have to either accept it, deal with it or just quit. Thats todays world its not always pretty and momma wont be there to listen to how you feel about it Just know that. Maybe its time to buck up if you think you really want to be in this Rodeo. Wine'ers usually weed their selves out of the field. Your choice Good luck to you pal.

This is the most consistent shreading of a person of all time.  NDT GUY is quite the panty waste thinking The Ocean Corp is supposed to look like Cesars Palace.



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