I am still a student of the ocean corp as of feb.22nd 2010. for those that plan on going there i just want to give you a heads up. i cant really speak about the dive part of the school because im NDT. but the school in wh*** is a dump. If you visit the school they wont show you all the class rooms. most of them are very dirty and a couple of them look like storage sheds and should be used as such. For the NDT students, they will tell you that you will be a level 2 inspector when you gaduate. Far from true. The fact is, you will have the knowledge of a level 2 but you will still only be a trainee. You cant be a level 2 unless you have logged so many work hours. As of right now the schol cost 16k and for that amount of money there should be better conditions. Im not telling you this info because im mad and didn't get my way about anything. The fact is I could not find anything on the wschool when I looked before I went. Many of the students are prior felons. Many of them act out in class and the teachers say nothing to them. I encourage you to visit the school and really look around. Make sure you see class room F. look on the ground and see how littered it is with cigarette butts. After you get there they will make it very clear that they all about getting your money. They already have my money so I will finish.

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Hey Student...I'm glad you spoke up and gave your real thoughts on the campus. You have every right to..for 16k I would demand excellence because somebody someday will demand excellence from you my friend. I hope you fair well in the industry ...Deep Horizon failed because somebody didn't speak up.
really??? cigarettes butts and felons?? damn dude what kind of bubble do you live in? i find it kind of offensive that you are whining like that when there is plenty of people who would really want to be in your shoes but dont have the time due to families or the financial means to do it due to this s***ty economy. i honestly dont think you're a guy. maybe like a shim that's pre op surgery or somethin huh? you focus in on classroom f.....maybe it's trying to tell you somethin. like F*** OFF!!!
yo NDT GUY how you going to get on here and blast the ocean corporation? now thats f***ed up but i understand why they say you NDT guys cant find your head from your a****** cause u don't no s*** about the core and if u got a problem with people talking in class tell them to shut up and stop acting like a b**** cause we all paid our money so I'm he to learn. now as far as the class room goes its not what it looks like but what you get out of it that matter cause like Gary's say's read the "MO FRAPPIN CODE" some of use due that pride in THE OCEAN CORPORATION. NOW the teachers up there are bad ass and would go to war with anybody but as far as the cigarette butts goes they tell all the smoker to throw there butts in the right spots and the one that have class do but other don't so next time u see someone drop one on the ground its your school to tell them to pick it up so U D T 404 AND IF YOUR TRYING TO FIND OUT WHO I AM I'M THE BRANDON THE GUY THAT DRIVES THE WHITE RANGE ROVER IM NOT HARD TO MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHA! TELL'EM HENSO! I agree though, stop f***ing sniveling and nut up. I hate Crack Hunters sometimes...Get dirty and act like a man!
Have you ever considered just doing a different career? If you're gonna b**** like this in this early of a stage, I sure as hell don't want you working with me. UDT 388.
thats common since if you don't do the work hours how could you expect to be level two and never actual worked one hour.
man talk about cracking open the beehive! Hey NDT guy Preperation H is in aisle 3, I suggest a generous application 3 times a day on your newly torn a****** becuase your gonna have grapes popping up like a french vineyard. Oh and welcome to the proffesion, how do you like it
so far ???? :D
I assume you are an adult and have had other jobs. With any skilled job you have ever had ; you would have realized that the learning doesn't stop once you have left the classroom. In fact, in most instances you learn more once you actually start working. How will you be dealing with work conditions being slightly uncomfortable and not aesthetically pleasing? If you can't or it's quite difficult then you have no business in any part of this industry . A former NDT student from TOC who I am friends with, now works in Alaska. Do you really think he has the luxury of being comfortable at all when he's working/learning? It's construction(whichever route you decided there)......and I have a vagina and I never whined at all about conditions. It's work man, not a spa. Although I agree with you that it's a bit costly, but I am a cheap a**.

Our UDT class had a few issues with TOC, but we took it up with the " right people" at a meeting and the next class benefited from it, which was great. You will also learn that not all big bad felons are all that bad. It's not by any means a school in " The Woodlands", but it serves it's function. If you wanted a classroom filled with motivational kitten posters then you should have searched that out and the job you were training for would reflect accordingly.
Did the school complain about your spelling ?
Would you like a tissue?
Aw Matt! That is just awful that your subjected to that deplorable situation there. Heres a idea instead of b****ing about it why dont you start cleaning it up yourself if it bothers you so much. Hey you could start a grass roots clean-up group and your school mates could chip in for paint and cleaning supplys that could make it all better help make it the best dive school that you ever went to. Please be sure to keep us all posted as to how your leadership and cleaning skills are coming along and if you should run out of crying towels because one of your co-workers starts wineing call home perhaps they can help you understand that your not home now. Should this not work you might also want to think about calling up Mr. Fred Johnson and maybe he could help you get into one of his dive school cla**** he teaches at Chino Prison.
Good luck. I love being a diver.
Again you dumb ass water heads missed the point. But after being in the field and working around you idiots I wouldnt expect any more from you. Doesnt bother me at all to work in bad conditions. In my book it means more money in most cases. In a school setting in which im paying to be there, Yes I expected better conditions.


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