I am still a student of the ocean corp as of feb.22nd 2010. for those that plan on going there i just want to give you a heads up. i cant really speak about the dive part of the school because im NDT. but the school in wh*** is a dump. If you visit the school they wont show you all the class rooms. most of them are very dirty and a couple of them look like storage sheds and should be used as such. For the NDT students, they will tell you that you will be a level 2 inspector when you gaduate. Far from true. The fact is, you will have the knowledge of a level 2 but you will still only be a trainee. You cant be a level 2 unless you have logged so many work hours. As of right now the schol cost 16k and for that amount of money there should be better conditions. Im not telling you this info because im mad and didn't get my way about anything. The fact is I could not find anything on the wschool when I looked before I went. Many of the students are prior felons. Many of them act out in class and the teachers say nothing to them. I encourage you to visit the school and really look around. Make sure you see class room F. look on the ground and see how littered it is with cigarette butts. After you get there they will make it very clear that they all about getting your money. They already have my money so I will finish.

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Come on you give him that with his attitude? Ill give him, Hmmm????? before the crew van leaves the shop parking lot! on his first job!!! assuming he gets a job thinking the way he does!! Yes Indeed and another one Bit the dust!!
Flynn, YOU'RE Back!!! So much for the new years resolution! ha!
Hey there NDT guy. You should have done your homework before you went to the Ocean Corp. I went to the Ocean Corp and yes they had things I didn't like but they had things I did like. There is a thing called initiative, use it. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up. That same thing called initiative will work in your favor when you get offshore. keep your mouth shut, don't belly ache because you made a mistake. As for the fact that there are alot of ex felons, get use to it because you will see more. Some people do know how to over a new leaf. Don't judge because it will bite you in the ass. As Flynn stated, get used to being dirty and seeing dirty things because its coming your way.
i went to the TOC too...and ditto for what these guys have already said. all i have to say is if you want a job or career in something that's always nice, clean and spotless....go be an IT guy or real estate agent. you should have researched oilfield diving a lot more before you chose what you have and decided to b**** about it on here. later worm.

p.s. this is for you http://community.cdiver.net/profiles/blogs/hurt-feelings-report
Yea finish school and go to work you will get use to your mommy not being there to make all things right for you. You chose dive school not drama school now go to work, damn it Jim your trying to become a diver someday so get busy. Someday when and if your lucky and you earn the opportunity to live in a paradise destination you wont get any sympathy and no one will feel sorry for you, well its the same when your just starting out now its time to man up and do what your suppost to do go to work and stop the drama your in the process of becoming a grown man now go to work and STFU.
Hi ndt guy and I use that term lightly this is NDT level 3 guy . Famous words of Eric Cartman "STOP YOUR B****N" that will be all.
Again you girls have missed my point. Working condition have no effect on me if i'm getting paid.My point was this, If someone is planing on attending the Ocean Corp for school. Beware that the learning condition are not all that great. If i'm paying money to learn a trade I should not be stuck in a little shed of a building with no heat, My focus should be on learning, not how to get warm. No need to reply on how the conditions are in the field. I have worked in conditions that would make a billygoat vomit. Work conditions and school conditions are two different things. This is all I have to say on this. But of course you divers will have something to say I'm sure. Running your jibs seems to be something ya'll do well.
Flynn you having a bad day/night? lol Talk to you soon? relax.......
Sounds like somebody needs a nap.
TOC also gives you a tour on your first or second day there, where they show you the tanks and the grounds and you sign a waiver saying that the school is acceptable for you to begin your education. If you had a problem on that day you should have said it's not acceptable and left.

Classroom F is cozy, like a little cocoon.
Whaaaaa Whaaaaaa Whaaaaa welcome to the real world KID now stfu and pay your dues if you really want to be in this field or go back to McDonalds and enjoy scuba diving. We are all out out of crying towels. No sneveling buck up.
heads up is dully noted . When I went the college of oceaneering the salesman told me about every private owned dive school but didnt mention any public ones and certainly didnt mention the one in Morgan City La, my home state . I spent back then 7500.00 I couldve spent 750.00 in Morgan City. Thats on me because even though there was no internet then ,I didnt do any homework beyond what I was told. But thanks for giving a weather report so folks can dig a little deeper.


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