What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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having said alllllll that, let me tell you: My respects to offshore diving. Always wanted to do it, but I knew better.

That's one tough job. Leave that to those who can handle it.

Kira.You have my respect.Diver is diver .No matter where.

We have female student in almost every class.  A diver is indeed a diver! :)

Wish there was a like button somewhere here. LOL
I am working full time for a Nuclear Power Plant as their Diving Supervisor and Program Owner. Like the job but miss the diving.

Good for you Kyra.  I would like to ask you to consider the airhats we make for your program.  They are very comfortable and can be lead lined on outside to help cut down on radiation exposure to the head.

Sent you a friend request so I could message you. But anyway, here's my work email:


Email me some information.
Thanks, Martin.

Iam a commercial diver in Alaska.. I dive all winter long and love it! Yes Iam the only women here that does it and I pull my own weight :)

That is fantastic! You should post photos. Check The Divers Association on FB too. We'd love to hear from you.

gearing up for my Sea Cuc**ber dive


Very cool!

Don't forget to check out the FB page for the Divers Association and She Divers!


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