What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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It comes down to the individual. Im sure there are great female divers out there, you cannot dissmis that even the most responsible man can be easily distracted by women, this is a problem. but hey all the power to them. p.s just joined the site, i belive thru these real discussions there is an awsome amount that can be learned (unfortunately at others expense, i much prefer to learn thru others mistakes than my own life threatening ones) Im a supervisor and i realy get a lot out of this site.
definitely theres no local lady ( arabic lady) but we are here... female divers.... we are in middle east... dubai..
Presently working out here in Pertamina ex BP West Java fields, heard there was one with the Hallin Mob. Don't know if it's true, but it will bring a change of sorts to the industry that's for sure. If they can heck it in the real world then welcome aboard.

Like for all baby divers who's heard all the offshore stories told at bars and other places not mentionable here, It's no place for softies MAN or WOMEN! IF they can't heck it then you know the rest, I don't have to repeat what everyone has already said before.

Yeah she was a German Sat diver. Hallin welcomed her with open arms and she was treated like a rockstar. I was on the DSV Ullswater with her. Personally, I found that she moaned a little too much about not getting enough sat time and the other divers said that she didn't pull her weight, but I am not sure if that was true or sour grapes.

Like a lot of the opinions here, I would have to agree; if they can do the job, then all power to them. I'm sure it's not an easy road though.

I think blow jobs in the bin would be great!!!!
John Roat i couldn't have put it better. The women i have worked with and you know some of them, pull their weight and have earned the right to be offshore and to be part of the oilfield diving industry.
if others can why cant i ??????
Women work harder, b**** less, and pay a lot more attention to detail. Why, if there are sharks in the water, they generally tend to want it done right the first time! I own a small diving business, and a General Contracting Company, Women do push harder, most think they have more to lose. My thought is if you show up and pull your weight, your in.
im am currently a 7.2 year army combat vet I enroll at cda tomorrow morning after I finish my running for the day my goal for the run is between 6 and 7 miles. but on to the point of this topic. I have seen women work just as hard as men in the time I have been in the army at the same time I have seen women quit as soon as s*** hits the fan. On the other side of the coin I have seen men do the same thing, cry for their mommies as soon as the work gets hard. so my guess is that its all on the individual that is doing the job. some will be better at some things then others. this goes for skill and actual work load.[side note](to the female bragging about benching a buck in weight, don't brag about doing small things better then others. brag about saving a life or using your brain cause I can do a lot more physical fitness then that so it just makes you look like your reaching for things that make you better. and it really only hinders the point your trying to make.) So my ending statement is use what you have learned in school cause if you have the knowledge then execution of what you learned is all that matters.

Know a few,and there getting it done...I rather be in the chamber with a chick then some smelly buffallloooo any day...


I think im 20percent dumber from reading this thread.
The thread that won't die....

Only caught my eye because I was checking out my cDiver email and it was noted as one of the most popular discussions.


For starters, the OP is very general. There are all kinds of commercial diving besides Offshore. That means there are all kinds of jobs out there for a commercial diver.


When it comes to ANY job, diving, office, etc. you hope that the person will do a self a****sment.  Why would a very intelligent individual want to work as a bag boy at a grocery store? Why would a dyslexic want to be cab driver? You find what your strengths are and take advantage of them.  That? Is not a gender issue. Because each and every one of you has, I am sure, known 10 whiny weak boys for every 1 female that couldn’t cut her teeth at diving.


Having said that, I took a self a****sment, this may not apply to some tough girls out there. I knew I loved diving. I knew I loved working underwater. My first ever SCUBA instructor was a retired North Sea SAT diver. I knew from that moment that I would not be doing that kind of diving, even if I dreamed of it.

I cut my teeth as a diving instructor (as someone mentions in an earlier reply to this thread, as a possible career choice for a woman diver) for ten years in Asia and the Caribbean; over 500 dives a year on average and no one got hurt on my watch. That led to Cave diving. I noticed the more technical the job the more I liked it.

Being what I consider a relatively smart individual, but of small build (5'4" 118) I first tried the scientific route, but that was going to be a time and $$ drain and the end result ($$) was not going to be worth the effort.


So I walked into a Commercial Diving school and immediately singled out Nuclear diving.

Now, many of you tough, hardened sea dogs will think it’s silly work, but it still IS commercial diving. It’s work that would drive some of you nuts, but it is work that I loved. So my point, there is work for all kinds, all sizes, all intelligence levels (ok, not ALL levels). Find your niche, and be the best and gender should not matter.


I have peed in a bucket when working out on lake Michigan. When the company got a newer, better boat with a head, I missed MY bucket! I had no issues with using a bucket in a boat with no doors. Respect garners you some privacy in the end. I found ways to rig things so I could move a 300# dive rig without asking for help (that's brains, not brawn), and I was used for the inspection jobs that required an attention to detail some of the guys found boring or would miss the small stuff on. And to this day, the PM says no one has handled a scrubber like I did. So, I missed out on some tougher jobs, the other divers got that glory, but there was still plenty of work for me and I was not the weak link.


And now, I supervise diving and own the diving program of a nuclear power plant to a 6 figure salary. Use your brain and find you place, male or female. Most of all, love your job. I know I do.


The company now has another female diver, and she has more than carried her own weight for 6 years now. I have also seen quite a few come and go, the same way I have seen countless guys come and go.


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