What do you guys think about women commercial divers? I'm not one, but I know a gal interested in becoming one. In such a male-dominated industry, would it be harder for a woman to have a successful career? Would you enjoy working side by side with women?

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no i would have no probs diving with woman.

steve h
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Here it is, the SheDiver tools bag!! What a surprise ;) look at the picture!
Have fun girls!! Soon available on the market!
There are good guys out there who make you feel one of the team! Nice joke! Love you!

Dive safe!

Started working as a diver over 50 years ago and an employer of divers 35 of those years.
I found that women divers showed up for work on time,did not show up hung over, worked harder then the men in the crew and did not ask for special treatment.Most had kids they needed to take care of and appreciated the opportunity to work.
I had more trouble with male egos,and the bull s*** that go's with it.
Females that do try to do the wh*** diving thing w/o really understanding what it is, is what screws the girls that are really wanting to achieve success in this field.

Example. The school I went to had this degenerate of a human being and she just so happened to be a female. Two cla**** before me, it soon became apparent to the other students and staff I was nothing like her. I came to learn so that I could pursue a career. Even so I heard about her every move like I gave a s***. With a shrill voice and the disposition that she was going to flirt her way through dive school, it was no surprise she didn't make it 3 months in the GOM. She actually told me that you could fail test just keep taking them and just try to flirt with the teachers. Not only did her existence at this school follow me around like a thick fart it in a wetsuit; made sure to pursue me when I went to get hired at one of the larger dive companies.

I had to assure the hiring dive god that I had nothing to do with her, didn't like her and thought she would have made a s***ty tender to begin with in school. I even told the recruiter that they wanted nothing to do with her. This was a portion of my job interview that made me very uncomfortable because if this *****caused me to not get a job because of her stupidity I was going to be pissed.

She ended up trying to flirt with the wrong sup. and thought that she didn't have to choke hose on deck like everyone else because" it was heavy" . Among other things.

Every job I ever went on I was asked about her and if I knew her because we went to the same school. I had to give the same spiel every time too.

Girls like that are the ones that screw the hard working intelligent female offshore personnel. It sucks, but it sucks more that they don't fire people period for being non working ignorant a*******.

It's the only complaint I had with the wh*** offshore experience. I pulled my own weight and didn't complain about the work or the living condition because to me everything was awesome.
Being a female commercial diver now for almost 4 yrs, yes it is harder; but all the more challenge. Good to have something to fall back on to survive when the jobs are far and in between. Majority of the teams/people I've worked with were 100% supportive but I have dealt with chauvinistic pigs. As long as you are strong body mind and soul GO FOR IT. Good to see the majority (or of what I've read) is positive, and to see the other women commercial divers (only worked with 2). Hopefully in the future there will be more!
Dive and work safe
As a woman commercial diver - there are niches that woman can fill. Make sure she does her research and knows what she is getting into. She will be fed a lot of stories that glamorize the different jobs out there but at the end of the day - knowing what she wants to do with her cert is the most important thing.
I've seen it and people are so scared of a sexual harrasment lawsuit, they walk on eggshells around women. Carry their gear, give them the gear they need...whenever, do their job for them. Its sad. Not to mention, watch out for the time of the month on a close living quarters. Sharing a room, let alone a boat is frustrating when women are bleeding. When it becomes that time for my wife, its my time to go offshore agian. And when i get there and have to deal with it anyways, that sucks! Im not totally against it, but ... Women if you can do the job and pull your own weight, then great. But its going to be harder for you to prove yourself! Good luck!
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I would hope you know the true meaning.

it's " dining" not so much what most people think it is.
I always believe in this .... its not the size of the dog / diver etc that matters its the fight in the dog / diver etc that matters the most ... i have been in a few situations in my life that the smallest person has got me outta the crap than the big ones without the brains. Basically its not what you can say what you can do ... its the doing that matters the most no matter who you are or think you are .... i dive .... i do alot of things that demand the utmost of an individual no matter who they are ... i will dive with the quiet and the loud but its those who knuckle down and DO ... those are the guys / gals i will go and change an umbilical for in zero viz and do the deed to get them home safe .... thats what matters ... it is your buddy next to you or your own ass that counts .. not the bragging in the bar afterwards that matters ... its living, breathing and getting the job done ... THATS WHAT COUNTS.


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