I have been reading alot on this forum and was wondering why so many people have a negative attitude concerning commercial diving.  I mean so many posts that discourage others into becoming a diver.  I think if you really want something and its a passion that comes from your heart, you can make it happen like you want

I'm 33 and in the best shape of my life.  I love the water but for some reason I need more than scuba diving and working underwater just seems awesome!  I make good money with my office job but I dont like it.  I would love working as and inland diver even If I only make half the salary im making now.  I think diving is a lifestyle and my addiction to water, tools, gear, boats, science... have given me an urge to just do it! 

I have been accepted into a school in Canada to go under 3 days of physical exams.  We are 28 that applied and the school will take 12 of us for the 12 months commercial diving program. 

What do you guys think?  Am I living in wonderland?



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Became a diver and the husband couldn't deal with it. He didn't want to come with me while I went to school, and he worked from home, the school I'm going to is only 4 hours from where we lived before, and I still drive up there to work on the weekends.

Very single and loving it. I don't know if I'm in heaven or hell being around all these half naked guys all the time. :D

A bucket of chicken at the drive in sounds amazing. ;)
Hey Flynny! I changed my avatar just for you bro! Thats how good friends we are going to be very soon! But dont try poking any fingers up my ass!
Me thinks that Im gonna make a bowl of popcorn for this :'-D

I realize Flynn s*** in your cornflakes and you don't think it's fair, but I do think you are still missing the point because you are mad. New guys (and girls) eat s*** and that's how it goes. If you think buckin' up will get you somewhere then you will end up eating a lot of s***...just tell flynn you're sorry and that you'll try not to wash the mud off his cock with your tears when you guys meet......it's all just a game anyway man...

If you are a hammer on deck, keep your mouth shut, and stay humble with your head under the radar, all the crochety old bastards will teach you how to get s*** done under the water.......and believe me you will need to know, because this is a word of mouth trade based on salt, sweat, guts, and tough skin, with a little brains thrown in the mix.

Learn the trade if you want to succeed, don't let it learn you....

Keep humble and eat that crow every now and then, bro, if you stay with it you might get to see the sunrise from the bottom of the sea (you think i'm kiddin?)

Just hope and pray Flynn ain't your sea daddy....

p.s.-I been doin' this ten years and I still don't know my ass from a h*** in the ground (but at least I've learned how to make chicken salad out of chicken s***)

p.p.s- And don't let you're sifu hear you braggin' bout teachin' kickboxing, we all know that EGO is the biggest ENEMY of the tru martial artist......don't go all cobra kai dojo on us......
Well Put Lady Diver, In most Phone books the first Listing after Diver, is Divorce Attorney. A huge sacrifice, to enter this business. But then again Marriage is a bond that requires consessions if one gives and the other only takes then there is no marriage....
THere will be others who will accept your choices. If they dont, keep walkin.
Congrats on your committment.
Grey Wolf
When I was six my dad had a conversation with me about jobs and careers and let me know I could be anything I wanted to be in life. I thought about it for a little while, and told him I wanted to be the pope. He had to then have the discussion that there are certain things I can't do because I'm a girl, (pope, play in the nfl, etc). I'm not diving because I'm a girl, or in spite of it. I'm doing it because when I went diving for the first time, it felt like I was finally home.

I'm better off without the idiot. I helped him go to school so he could do what he wanted to and when I wanted my turn he couldn't handle it. I got to keep the dog and he's a better snuggler, he eats what I put in front of him, he doesn't take over the remote, or give me s*** when I stay out til 3 a.m.
Ive been married 4 X's and divorced 3, my 4th wife and I have been together 10 years this March. I am 12 years older, and it was her who suggested I go back to school. We've been thru alot. I Pray oneday, you find one who accepts and supports your lifes dreams like I have, Join us on face book, Jerry Grey Wolf Babin. youll see our crew. This is a "PROFESSION" unlike any other, there are good and bad everywhere watch your back, and Never let any one disrespect you. The fact that you earned your place, should have your EX beating his head against the wall......Good Luck, Keep in touch and let us know if we can help... Ive been "Big Brother to divers for along time, do well, and honor those who helped you along the way.
Grey Wolf
Right on!
Thank you.
I have excellent friends and family that support me. If you're not man enough to be with me for my dreams, your not man enough to be with me. :) I'm not worried about finding anybody. I'm happy with myself.
I don't believe I should be given anything because I'm a girl, I've always worked to get where I've wanted to go.
hahahaha its like 10 reasons why beer is better then women, but for women!
10 reasons why the dog is better then a husband

1. Eats what I put infront of him
2. Better snuggler
3. dosnt complain when Im out till 3 am
4. Better at dealing with home invaders ?
5. Will be happy to sleep on the couch or in the dog house (hehe)

Im gonna need help here
5.(edit) he stays in bed til i fall asleep and goes to his pillows on the floor so i get the WH*** bed for the rest of the night!
6. he doesn't get jealous of my guy friends
7. he always wants to go with me when i leave
8. i tell him no, he listens
9. my mom loves him (dad too!)
10. he's waaaaay cuter. :)
wow that came almost too easy....
hmmmm maybe you should have bought a fern instead :p
haha, ferns are boring. i have jasmine though.
my dog is a rescue. he wandered up to a neighbors apartment, and you could see every bone in his body and his face and stomach were covered in cigarette burns. she couldn't keep him so i took him in, got him to a normal weight, healthy, and fixed. he's my pal. he's so loyal and smart. i know everybody says that about their dog, but he really is. he knows: no, sit, shake, hold hands, speak, and crawl, he knows where janes house is, i tell him to go to janes, and he runs there, i tell him go home, no matter where we are in the apartment complex, he will run off and wait for me at our door. he also has 4 girlfriends, and that cracks me up.


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