I have been reading alot on this forum and was wondering why so many people have a negative attitude concerning commercial diving.  I mean so many posts that discourage others into becoming a diver.  I think if you really want something and its a passion that comes from your heart, you can make it happen like you want

I'm 33 and in the best shape of my life.  I love the water but for some reason I need more than scuba diving and working underwater just seems awesome!  I make good money with my office job but I dont like it.  I would love working as and inland diver even If I only make half the salary im making now.  I think diving is a lifestyle and my addiction to water, tools, gear, boats, science... have given me an urge to just do it! 

I have been accepted into a school in Canada to go under 3 days of physical exams.  We are 28 that applied and the school will take 12 of us for the 12 months commercial diving program. 

What do you guys think?  Am I living in wonderland?



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Hi Alex, the only negativity reflected here abouts is the fact that globally divibg jobs, for a multitude of reasons are rare. That is to say new opportuntites aren't there. Has your extensive market research convinced you otherwise? I don't know maybe I'm out of touch but my mates that are experienced (10 years +)aren't all working which leads me to believe their upcoming replacements aren't working and in the abscence of new work coming on line suggests to me a very weak chance at work for a brand new diver. Go ahead and go to school get your certs and plunge into the competition. You will be joining the 2-3000 other dive school products for 2010.
Take a plunge into the Gulf of Mexico, that's where all the action is... or lack there of.
Hi Micheal,

It's a public college called Institut maritime du quebec. They have a group of 12 students per year. Here is the link:

Nobody is being negative Alex, just brutally honest. Commercial diving is hard work. I suggest you go to an inshore company first and ask if you could see them at work. Hang out for a while and ask a few questions. It would give you a general idea of what's coming your way. If you got 2 right hands and the right attitude, it might work. All the negative and positive stuff you got on this forum is all true. Times are a little slow now but it's slowly picking up again. Good luck trying!

Going to a company was in my plans. There are 2 companies not very far from where I live. I will call them and to see if I can meet with them to talk. Regardless of the lack of jobs for now I still want to do the course. Even if I have to work giving scuba lessons and CPR courses while I have no work in CD then thats what I'll do and maybe take a welding course who knows!? Just the thought of taking a 12 months Commercial diving couse makes me very exited!


Following your bliss gives you a step up on those purely interested in prestige? and $$$. Considering up to 90% of cadidates wash out within 2 years after completing training.
yeah bill, i would agree, its probally more than that though. when i graduated in 1-1991 out of a class of 31 only 3 of us got jobs, the other two lasted 1 year, i lasted 7 or 8 then got out for 8 or 9 and got back in. ive been going at it now for another 3 years and who knows how long this time. Worked with some new guys 3 years ago straight from the divers academy in NJ or whatever the hell she calls her circus over there, and they even told me that they were told, there would only be 2 of them working after 2 years, and as far as i know that was the only truthfull thing they were told while attending that school. i only know one of them guys thats working now and he said as far as he knows he is the only one working out of his wh*** class. things are slow and companys are cutting pay so low we can go to work as welders and make as much money and be home everynight. my advice alex and along with just about everyone else i know is dont do it. good luck anyway you go.
Mmmm? make as much money welding and be home everynight...Thats ok but the reason I want to do this is to be in the water not out...For the love of the water that is.
So if I understand you say that just about everyone here will tell me NOT to do it? Wow! That's hard! But you know If I do the course and dont find work then I will still be glad just as glad as a friend of mine that wanted to become a pilot, it was his dream...He did his pilot course and his passion and love for it showed in his attitude and he did find work!
If you really are so passionate about diving Alex, it would be a shame not to try. The same applies to all other similiar circ***tances in life. If there's something you are willing to make sacrifices for and putting your energy into it, then go for it. For me this is just a general way of looking at life. Forgot to mention that I have no comm dive experience (other than at school) and zero industry knowledge. I wish you good luck however things turn out for you.
Hey alex

I am in he same situation i am 31 years old and about to start on june 1st at commercial dive academy
I am also reading the same things no jobs attitude towards new potential students who cares I am
investing 28k for school and equipment

we all know the economy is pretty bad right know and most are just frustrated with the wh*** thing
but there some who don't want more competition so they are trashing the industry.

I hate the fact that some divers here say a student or graduate is not a diver but only completed a course of study.

I went to flight school and recieved my commercial pilots license but I am not a pilot and I don't proclaim to be one

there were egos in flight school but not as nearly as much as I have seen here
I hope school changes my view point on that.

I am going to go ahead in do it regardless of what people say. Like I said
it is gamble go for it man
Point to note it was pointed out to me that 3000 dive student wanta bees a year are being produced. Show us how smart you are by telling us all how many real job openings actually exist will you please before you let go with or indebt yourself for 28k. What kind of real research have you done? Good luck, now thats a positive note.
I have been fortunate and blessed that upon graduation i can live without commercial diving work for a couple years and still be fine. Like I said it is a gamble

why all the stigma of knew students "wanta bees" you were probalbly there sometime
in your carrier. is it competition? or what i have heard this disrespect on several fronts
for students.

When i went to flight school students were not treated that way
it's not TOPGUN

this is commercial diving and not Navy seal training or special ops
I was in the Navy and never felt higher or better than anyone

I don't understand this concept ALLL DIVERS WERE STUDENTS at one time


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