Cops last night rescued a commercial diver who nearly drowned after he got entangled in equipment beneath Chelsea Piers, authorities said.

Lt. Larry Serras and Detective Robert Zajac of the Emergency Service Unit gave CPR to the 35-year-old unconscious diver moments after he was pulled from the Hudson at 5:41 p.m.

"I'm gonna live!" the grateful diver told rescuers when he regained consciousness, Serras said.

The diver had been beneath the pier doing construction work when fellow workers lost communication.

Waves sloshed up to rescuers' knees as they performed CPR on a platform in the water, and the diver quickly responded.

"There is a sense of relief, of satisfaction to see somebody who just a few minutes ago wasn't breathing and now they're breathing," Serras said.

The diver, whose name was withheld, was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

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His name is Lucky.
My Question wouldnt be Who is he it would WHERE THE $%^# is the Standby Diver?????? during all this?????
Chuck Bonner wrote and posted;

" My Question wouldnt be Who is he it would WHERE THE $%^# is the Standby Diver?????? during all this?????"

A "Stand-By Diver is NOT Required according to CURRENT OSHA Standard!
Also bail out is NOT REQUIRED!


Are we back in the early 60s with cowboy rules?
Lack of common sense or what? things seem to be getting out of hand safety wise.
S*** happens but it is happening too often.
Fred & All;

Hope all is well with the diver. I always find the silience speaks more about us then them. The count on it take a read through the ADCI Concenus Standards you net to NOTHING about recovering an injuried diver. My next Roat Deal will be out in a few days. Hell they don't even have anything about the diving ladder having a banter on it. Bail Out and Hat no weight on is around 68 lbs. Lets just throuw on a 20 lbs weight belt that's 88 pounds you carring up that ladder.

Time for everyone to start letting them know.
John, your right on.
Divers build your ladder for divers 30 degree standoff angle with 8 inch steps.
Lets get away from Home Depot gear.
you can hoist a diver on a backboard up a 30 degree ladder, try that at 90 degree's.
hand lines with snap hooks to help the diver up the ladder or hoist his weight belt up.


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