hi there¡¡ im doing my diving course in spain wich i can work till 30 metres.....how do you call this in englis??? i mean what kind of degree is this in englis? thanks for ur help

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Juan, we would like to help you, but more information is required. What certificate does the diving school give you when you have finished the course?? Under whose authority? Spanish labour/safety standards or international or both?
Hi Bill , i know that after finish my course i will be able to work in spain and the rest of the european union , the certificate is just for been a diver working maximun till 30 metres , without any especial course or safety thing so must be a basic one in spanis is call SEGUNDA RESTRINGIDA.
Is that on scuba or surface surplied....!

Maybe you can help me I wont to live in Spain ,is thier a site with dive companys in Spain..
I believe the certification to work offshore required is Buceador de Pimera Clase o de gran Profundidad, but you can confirm that by contacting your training school. You current certification can also be confirmed in its limitations by that same body.
thanks everybody for ur help ¡¡¡

Soren if u want to work in Spain u should check on google cause i dont know any dive companys jet im new as a diver , but i know theres alot of work in Spain in fishfarms and seaports etc.... if u want me to get any info pls contact me on 617808023.


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