Who all does gorski hat inspections. i know bay tech and jack villas. Wondering if anyone in Florida or Alabama does it.

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Try calling CDA in Jacksonville, Fl.

WTF does a dive school have to do with a hat inspection. Again your show how full of s*** you are~


That was a dumb question If you had  know you wouldn't have to ask so here it is. . The school is an authorised dealer and can do authorised inspections. Now you have been schooled and educated by a guy who you say is full of s***. HaHaHa.So now your free and can go and try to pick on,bully, intimidate, degrate,  do character assinations on the next guy who your able to get to buy into your rude and unprofessional dialog. Don't bother replyingI have a life and  I'm buisy working and don't need this drama.Check please!  

Wannabe Ace Parnell

here is your education fool. Les Gorski had never implimented a inspection program at all. There is no legal obligation to have a inspection on any Dive helmet idiot. Companies who are ADC members bought into that program that Bev started and its fadeing just like you dumbass.

In the hat inspection program at Dive Lab they use the Gorski as a tool of what not to buy as it is a piece of s***. There is no hat inspection for the Gorski, if any one says there is they are a f***ing liar and stealing money. Period.

U.S. Divers bought Gorski and have not produced any nor does it look like any will be produced in the near future. Now you go insert your f***ing head back in your wide ass old man and quit telling people you are a Deepsea Diver.Salvage Diver and most importantly a GOM Diver Moron.

Oh and as it turns out,the Moron who hired you and bought into your lies was also Fired. Easiest job in Diving. Now you run along as you have been schooled by a real deal who can back it up HAMMER. Us late 30 something GOM Divers dont appreciate a old wannbe like you taking up a spot a young hammer can have. Get on SSI fool.

BTW. Tlaking s*** to the locals in the Islands isnt a job and as far as being a bully and unprofessional? Not either one,I just dont like you and people like you who hang out in neighborhood ya geractric d***head.

Dude I am absolutly not he ha ha! You just cannot accept that you are a crusty old man trying to hang on to something you never were. You give bad advice and at times you tend to think you are king s*** of Diving.

I text homeboy and he relayed a message" Keep his name out of your mouth as you are a worm" Everything I posted is true and came from the people who were there that you pissed off. I live in Jax buddy.

Go away and quit trying to spin the truth and word of advice,don't start s*** and you wont get s*** thrown back at you !

Tom Anderson @ Island Divers in Galveston, TX. Trained personally by Les and he's right down the road from LG's place if he needs anything out of the ordinary.

I worked with you Ace. It was a long time ago. You actually taught me a trick with a topside burning torch. I hope I can still get in the water at your age. My point... you have been around and I wonder why you let these guys get to you. F** em.  Plus .... Your in Hawaii. I would be laughing on my way out the door to the beach.

Thanks Gomer maybe its the PTSD from Nam kicking in who knows were just divers.Yes  .   laughing every endless summer day. Good to hear from you Gomer.

F*** you Gomer lol ask Ace why he was fired in Mayport???? And him being around along time? Nope the boys checked out his resume and it's all lies. Was hired as a supervisor and demoted to tender,couldn't even do that right and had little skill and knowlege and couldnt weld under water,matter of fact any of the welds he had failed.


This is a fact. So now f*** both you rookies in 2012!



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