Hi Guys n Gals

i need your help...

i have a professional diving qualification and i am looking to go up a couple of levels,

i have heard so many people say different things, go to the uk. no go to South Africa, no go to the states...

i am looking not to spend a complete fortune but i would like a center which has a good reputation in the industry

can you please advise...

Many thanks


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Put in your time lil bro and climb the ladder one rung at a time. Unless you need more paper in your pocket, listen learn and execute. This business in my day was never about speed, but execution. Learn a thing ( whatever it is) and then learn to do it well, and on to the next. Divers need to be well versed at alot of things, but they cannot all be perfected at once.

Dive safe!


what type of  professional diving qualification do you have?? If you don't have a commercial diving cert. than your not a professional diver. No matter what commercial diving shool you go to it's going to cost at least $ 10k and there's not a wh*** lot of work out thier right now. I went to College of Oceaneering, it was a good school for me. Also it all depends on where you live, I live in san diego so it was easy for me too attend that school and have a job in the comfort of my own city.

thanks for that guys...

i have been working as a professional diver for 3 yearn now, i am looking to expand into the relm of real world diving,

i have a spanish title

Piqueña profundidad"

basically is a class 4 but in spain is much more...

out of spain i am now starting to look for work an i have found that i need a real ticket...

i don´t want to spand 10 or 15 k in a course in place a when i could spend the same in place b and the place b have a better reputation and be a lot more professional...


      Review the information about NYD see URL:


The BEST value for the money, cost is around $7,000.00 USD receive a Diving License truly recognized word wide.

Not a BULL S*** Certification of no value

Research the money You $ave will be Your own!


thanks for that, i will look in to these guys.


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