Talking about on-shore work, I've seen through a lot of pictures and videos that in U.S. and U.K. is often used the hard hat (like KM-SL17 or Gorski or something similar) to work.
If it's so, usually the hard hat is a diver property or a companie's property?
In first case... the salary is adeguate to the major equipment bringed ?

Here in Italy about 70% of companies use to let work diver in scuba... when you find an exo-26 or a KM-18 you're luky.
Sometimes you have to go in free with no umbilical (ex. in harbour work)...

I know that it's not ok for security (I'm planning to go off-shore)... but just to understand how does the work goes in other parts of the world.

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working in bahrain we use KM18 for construction work (90% of everything we do) and scuba for geotextile and reventment inspection all gear supplied by the company
Here in Sweden we use the Ah-3 freeflow helmet locked with a drysuit for nearly all our dives, always umbilical, sometimes aga-mask but that is also with umbilical.

The company supplys the gear.
... the offshore send you at home ... and if you choose a diving company and the company don't have all the equipment ... but you going to work whit him ... it's because you like to give the ass!
Bye Riccardo.
It depend from the point of view... it depend from the company, the salary and the works continuity.

However where there's life, there's hope!


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