We're looking to see what your absolute favorite type of dive hat is.

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Been diving a DSL B2 for a little over a year and have to say she is the most comfortable helmet I have dove. I dive inland in Florida and 6-10 hrs. shift are not unusual. This hat is so easy to dawn and dry to the bone. I will always concider you first and am damb proud to dive this hat. Keep it up guys, you are the future and will (hopefully) take over the market.
Definitely not Aga, do like the 17b. Like the look of the 77 but am from Aussie . .

there ya go a km 37 ss

then there is the 77
I do like the look of this one -Carson

NICE who makes it ?
It was made in limited edition for Saturation Systems Inc. (Don Rodocker) in the late 70's.
Per Gary Harris, the stocks of hats manufactured by Carson and were sold to Taylor and Comex. Most are probably in private collection or museums. I am not aware of any being used at Taylor but others may know. During my tenure there, Taylor would allow you to check out gear for use offshore and I never saw this hat in the supply locker, I did see one in Hyperbaric test facility if memory serves, Charlie Duff could verify. Most people, including myself would check out hot water suits for sat, some (Greg Misner and Terry Buchannon) checked out Swindell hats - I dove George's hat a few times and I never really warmed to it.

See http://www.divingheritage.com/sathat.htm
I'd forgotten about the taylor connection.By the way Don Rodcker and Chris Delucci and their sat system nicknamed 'Mother"were among the first, not the first, to utilize us navy saturation diving techniques on dives to the Andria Doria. Rodocker owns and manufactures Sebotix submersibles today.
I stand corrected, Bill was right about the designers, John Clark of Ocean Products manufactured the hat. Probably the first SS using investment casting (lost wax) process.
I get a kick out of g. harris stuff


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