We're looking to see what your absolute favorite type of dive hat is.

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Can't beat a cam lock! I would love to have one!
I have one custom Gladiator fitted for use with a 17 neckdam for sale. It was custom fitted for a diver with a big head. It is ready to go and comes with 17 neckdam.
I have a Gorski. I had to buy it during the Katrina gold rush. My FAVORITE HAT IS one that gives me air. I am easy. I do have a 2nd Gorski for sale. Cheap.
Miller 400
KM S/L 27 , now if we could just get it as a rebreather!
I have a SL 27 that I love but haven't used in 5 years... man i miss being underwater!
I have been out of the business for a while so this info is a bit dated. I began my career in the off shore industry tending a diver who had a Savoie. The hat was a great air hat and still is today. Just before I broke out, I had the opportunity to dive a Miller 100 series that was owned by a diver that I was tending and I fell in love. I subsequently purchased a 200e, 300 and 400 series. I dove the 300 in sat up to 580 feet with no problems. I loved the fact that the internal face seal provided sound separation between my ears and the regulator making for wonderful communications. The head protection of the solid bronze casting saved my bacon on a couple of close calls for which I personally thanked Ben. The hat can be found but is rare and KMB was sold the rights to the design after Ben's death and have made statements about producing the hat again in 2010, we will see.

I have also had the opportunity to dive most gear that is around for commercial work and rate them in the following way
Air & Gas
head protection
Communications and noise
breathability and airflow
attachment (jock vs no jock)
comfort in long dives
Hat (intake, exhaust, buoyancy)controls
maintenance (off the shelf parts, low repair rate, ease of maintenance)
durability - takes a licking and keeps on working - able to function in the harshest of environments.
l think that the best is kirby morgan, l sure.
Hello to all divers,

We are a Swiss company manufacturing diving helmets since 20 years by now:


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Beat Engel

COMPOSITE - Beat Engel
Reasearch & Development
+41 79 351 05 05
My favorite hats are Gorski, Heavy Metal and swindell plus
Bob Kirby orginal 12 bolt heavy gear hat. That beat engle hat so far just has not really been accepted in the field hear as yet.
Jap hat or Kirby, Miller 200, I sure would like to try Mike Carsons ss.


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