The start of 2009 has been rather slow for a lot of us,this discussion is to let us all no whats hot and whats not for 2009 whether its new personal kit purchased, recommendations, crap jobs, good jobs and just basically a moan and groan or not in some cases.

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My moan and groan for this year so far is: NOT FINDING A FREAKING JOB! ... as new diver trying to get into the business, this is brutal! any friendly advice?
I tell you what, if you're new to diving and on the West Coast anywhere, its going to take more than the "Courteous E-mail" to get a foot in the door. I have e-mailed 35 companies in 5 different States in the last two weeks and I have only received one "Not Looking" of all things... I am driving myself crazy!!! Consider this a (Moan) I'd take a crap job just to say I at least had one ( :
"Love That Ambient Atmosphere"
Hey bro...does it have to be on the West Coast..?


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