Iam looking into attending Canadian Working Divers Institute in Ontario.Iam having trouble finding the pay rate for a diver hourly Iv been hereing things like $20 an hr to $1600 an hr whats the average a diver makes?I will be doing inland or off shore where ever the $$$$ is!What is the job situation out there like, are the companies hiring divers dont care where I go just want to make good money!

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Divers make different scale in Seattle, Stavanger, Peterhead, Singapore, Rio, Dubai, Mombai, & St. John. Inland divers make different scale from offshore. Their work seasons aren't necessarily the same. A newbie in Dubai gets a different rate from a tender in the gulf. Air divers get a different rate from gas divers. Qualty divers typically work more than f - ups, especially over the long haul. Some certifications can make a difference, location in the world, skill sets, supply & demand makes a difference-sometimes seasonally non-union Are you getting the drift there is no average divers wage that I know of. I know what I won't work for and have enough experience to know what that is. I suggest you do alot of research see if diving is the medium that suits you in getting rich. I'm afraid I'm old school-I started out, needing to dive ; then set about making it pay. good luck-bill PS- the job situation out here is about the worst I've seen since the eighties for somebody just finishing school and there are more newbies than ever in recorded history and more every month. PPS-I can't think of the last time there was good union work with any regularity out of Piledrivers & Divers local 2404 British Columbia so its fish farms geoducks maybe a few urchins etc. I worked as a diver fior 30 yrs + ,,internationally & was unemployed on my terms, sometimes I choked a hose. But it was on a Job I wanted to be on, sometimes I was doing s***ty sat turnarounds, with no time off, but again my choice. .
Heres an old union agreement, good luck finding a job that is union bound. Note the apprentice hourly logged dive experience/time requirement to get top pay.
oct 29-09 blog on wordpress=wage rates
20-60/hour depending on region. But in the GOM 20/hour adds up fast.
Dunno acros the ocean but here in Europe a freelance inland diver makes about 40 euro/hr ('bout 60usd) and charges about 15 euros a day for his equipment (no hat, just drysuit, fins and gloves). A good employer also pays a minimum amount for travel and accomodation.
In this day and age..................F.A. per hr.$1600p/h who the F told you that???? stay away from that crack house. Now surely all the newbies or wannabies have got the message ,take a look at all the other posts regarding work and pay,THERE IS NOT MUCH GOING ON OUT THERE,NO ONE IS LYING TO YOU FOR F...KS SAKE.


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