What,if any, long-term efect dose sat diving have on the body?

I’ve been trying to find some studies online about long-term effect of sat diving and been coming up MT handed so I was wondering if some of you gray hairs or any medics on this site have any info on this subject?

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nevermind i found a good bit of info through the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS

The first thing to happen as a TENDER is Short Term memory!!!! And the fact you didnt remove the crust from my samwitch, And I believe Ace is still upset for the cold Coffee that was delivered to him. But on a serious note google "CNS" "The BENDS",   "Bone Narcoses" Better look up diving reliated disesase's These are just a start! There are many books and thoughts on this but at the end of the day its on you your body and following the tables (The Safe ones that is!!) 

Oh And take Flynn with a grian of salt We love him at the end of the day
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Asptic Bone Narcoses is what happens, my joints are turning to dust, bone grinding against bone.

And its not all from Sat diving it can also happen from working every day in water 35 feet deep.

Its a risky business and you have to accept the risk or spend your life on a bar stool.

You should also research long term injuries of cassion workers and miners. There is more medical research done on them then divers. While they don't work underwater they work at depths similar to SAT divers and they suffer similar long term injuries.
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