ok, ill be graduating at the end of the month and plan on hedding down to louisiana after the first to look for a job. my question is what do i need to bring with me? Obveously ill need all of my dive gear, tools, some cloths etc. What else? Since ill be living in a motel for the first few weeks or whenever im inland, i dont wanna bring anything that i wont need so id like to kno what you guys bring along with you, also if they will give you some stuff?

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i was wanting to kno what supplies and things i should bring with me not what to expect from the other guys.
Great advise guys
Isn't this question mute?! No body is hiring right now. Unless this kid has a promise in writing, he's waisting his time.
Thanx for all the good info! i have most of everything you mentioned.

I may be getting ahead of myself a little but the word is that all of the companies will be hiring shortly after the first due to new budgets, drilling contracts, and all the s*** from Catrina that needs to be all cleaned up before 2011. This is what the companies have been telling those who have been calling already. So thats kinda what im hoping fore but i understand that may change. All of this is just what iv been told so if you have any other info on all of this it would be appreciated.

I do plan on calling and sending out resumes before but id rather wast my money down there trying to get a job by showing up at the companies than to sit back in indiana wasting it all by just calling and hoping.
Im not sure what the problem is with some of theses guys on here that do nothing but tell us new guys to pretty much give up its a waste of time. I understand that times are rough but whats wrong with coming up with a plan and trying my hardest to get somewhere? No afence to these guys but if i listened to all of them id never get a job. I understand you may be trying to help but if im sitting on my ass all day just calling around rather then out there knockin on dores id say that would be wasting my time. But regardless i do appreciate the info!

Thanx to all
Blake if you have the nuts to stick it out, you've got it all over your competition, grind on, and keep pounding them doors.
Yea i planned on calling before to make an appointment. Thanx for the info on mondays tho!


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