what tools are a diver expected to have when they go offshore?

I know I’m probably not going to get wet for the first year or so and I’m fine with being a tender for the first 2 or 4 years in fact I’m going to be the best dam tender out there! I'm just sure like any other construction job a diver is expected to have his own tools. What would those be? And do companies supply hats like I’ve been told? Thanks for the insite!

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Oh My God!!! This cant be for real!!! A new guy that get the the big picture!! Am I dreaming??? WOW and what the hell Flynn is playing nice guy!! LOL Brad if you keep that attitude you might just make it!! Now after you get the great Ace his coffee go to the galley and make me a damn Samwich!!!

A good knife and means to sharpen it.  I like the Spyderco H1.  A Leatherman is real handy.  Small flashlight.  Wire strippers. Wire nips.  


As time rolls on, you'll figure out what you need.  Buy it and bring it with you.  I can't stand a tender with no tools!  It tells me you spend your money on stupid crap.  The other hands will get real tired of lending you their tools also.

by basic dive gear you mean my suit my harness, belt and shoes? what do you mean by snoopy?
cool thanks for that bit of history. so is that kinda like a welders cap?
Brad buy this book it will give you a heads up "A simple Guide to Commercial Diving" by Steve Barsky it will minize your awkward questions after you freshen my coffee-hurry up!

Sir yes sir I just got it off Amazon 18 bucks there was another author in that book his name is Robert W. Christensen this guy was awesome. He was in the navy as a demolition diver that’s what I want to do blow s*** up under water!

Hey Eric you said you want to blow up stuff ok. Consider real danger exists her and you will be in the equasion.

So your on a job and setting u/w charges then proceed to tieing in a det cord so they all go off at the same time you finish up and come up and out of the water you wait till they are set off but they dont all go off for some reason. Eric 30 minutes have passed and we now need you to go back into the water to see what went wrong -you are now it buddy its your dive.

Some time later your offshore have spent several days preping tnt to be placed in rig legs to help with removing the structure. Working with the explosives because your breathing it and its being absorbed into your slin gives you a what can be described as a most roaring head ache you have ever had. With all the prep finally done its now time to place the charges on the rig structure u/w and hook up the explosive trunk lines so the explosives can be detonated-that job done all trunk lines hooked up and on deck its time for the barge foreman to order the anchor operator to back the barge away from the structure by slacking off on two anchors and comming up on the other two so the barge will be at a safe distance from the structure.  

Ok Eric now your on deck taking all of this in and looking at the structure with the explosives all attached to the det cord trunk lines that all come together at and on one leg of the rig structure where the BLASTING CAP is connected. From the blasting cap runs a line of det cord over to rthe barge  and the final line runs out to the barge.  

Show time everyone is on deck to watch the explosives go off and the Barge Capt. gives the order to move the barge away from the structure.

What the? the barge is moving but not away from the structure instead towards it and to everybodys disbelief it starts creeping up on the one leg of the structure exally where the blasting cap is. OH Big NO! if this continues it could set off the blasting cap and the entire amount of explosives putting everybodys life in danger. Eric there you are taking all of this in semi disbelief but realizing oh s#$^ my life is in real danger right so you jump up and take off running down the deck away from the danger area only to realize you cant run far enough fast enough-a very helpless and sorry feeling comes over you as you make this futule attempt for survival with your other mates. Pause for thought.

Some how by the grace of God, the Capt. and the anchor operator who finally got a grip on what was actually happening the barge was stopped from moving towards the structure and the exposed blasting cap and was now backing away from the danger.  Cheated Death again!

Now all is in place as it should be the charges set off and the barge moved back to what was left of the rig and the salvage removal continued.

Lessons learned here and being far from any kind of explosive expert I for one can only rember back to one of my early Diving Explosive Instructors the late Mr. Bob Howard who was a sharp guy ( he was also in the fore front of starting the Dive Program at Chino Mens Prison) unfortunately died in a explosive accident. Some where between the lines here my lessons learned were that this blowing stuff is and can be real dangerous even to the best of guys..

Ace very good post!! Bob was a great guy and would help any one out to the piont of giving up his shirt!
Thanks Chuck your the second guy today who I have been pleasantly suprised to know that knew Bob Howard the other guy is my friend Bob Wick while talking to him-Real Small World. Happy New Year looking forward to a buisy year.
sounds ike a crazzy ass job

They are all kinda crazy assed jobs Brad if you go forward you'll be asked to do all kind of crazy assed dive jobs.

Exciting huh?  Here Brad hold this fuse here for me will ya for just a minute  Brad its ok and safe "why nothing could possiably ever go wrong , just hold it why theres plenty of time before it goes off and bang". Old ones and bold ones-Happy New Year.

Brad go on ebay theres a copy of "Commercial Oilfield Diving " by Nicolas Zinkouski  that 'll learn ya.


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