Hello all,

I am going offshore for the first time. I am going off the coast of Malaysia (tropical). I am wondering what equipment I should bring with? Also, what in terms of personal stuff too i.e. deodorant, toothpaste, books etc?

I am bringing my knife, hat liner, some tools, workboots and thats about it. I am not bringing fins as I didn't need then while working inshore. I am seeing video of divers though and they have their fins on. It's too late for me to pick up a pair as I leave tomorrow (just got the email 2 days ago...you know how it is) . Can I borrow other divers' fins? Will I be ridiculed for doing so?


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As this is your first time Offshore what do you offer you employer why have they taken you?
Not so important really as the question is maybe they have taken you as you will not question or know about there history

You should maybe asking information like does the company pay wages?

There are a few in Malaysia which have caused problems.

what are your terms?
Well i hope that it is a good contract that he has emailed to me. He and the compnay are well known to my several of diver mates in civils duties.

I have been working hard and had good references to give to this company that is based out of Singapore. Going right to their office to drop off my resume couldn't hurt either.

Thank you for the concern though. I have talked to other divers and they seem to think this company treats divers well.
C'mon, deepseacon....

You can tell us???? Which company???

Kind Regards -
I met a young Singaporean diver, very keen. Did some work for a Malaysian company using substandard supervisors and dive practices and they bent him so bad he can't work as a diver any more. Sorry I don't remember the company not well known amongst expats.

But as a general rule the company supplies fins.
Here are a few extras you might want to take, lycra suit to keep any stinging things away from your skin, caribeenas to clip tools to yourself and around the job, a tailors tape rolled up and taped down to your knife holder, an assender or hogger, hat liner 17's are the most used, another green river for deck work, and a small mag light for night work. That would be the basics you can see what you need as you go along.

Go on tell us the name of the company

PS. I forgot to mention and probably the most important, be sure to pack your sense of humor and use it often.
If you are going to chopper out, there will be weight restrictions to.
When working malaysia, indonesia, etc. buy boxer shorts-y-fronts will chafe you mad when its hot.


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