So, I'm getting a little hungry, diving is pretty scarce these days, and my other gig is non-existant nowadays. Today, I get a call out of the blue from a dive company offering me a job doing some dredging. They are operating on scuba and want to pay me under the table (that means no worker's comp if something goes wrong). It's 30' - 60' overhead environment and they are running a TWO MAN DIVE CREW. I need a job, but damn should I risk me and my families well being? Are companies really operating this way and are divers desperate enough to do the work?

What would you do? I'm seriously out of cash.

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Hey man,

If you work like that, you're a true dive slut. You're gonna completely undermine the trade with that kind of ethic. Dead diver, no free men! What kind of gimm crakky outfit would even propose s*** like that. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys............... Might as well be a stunt cock, for less risk. Keep looking!
[Snip}..."but damn should I risk me and my families well being?"{SNIP]

Look at Your Family and ask Yourself that question!
Well, the rate was fair, not great, but fair, until you figure in the risk. My work ethic is fine. I told him "no". But at the same time, my wife and kids need a roof and food. Honestly, when you are struggling to put food on the table for your family, you could really give a rats butt about what's going on with the diving industry. I'm not the shady crook cutting the throats of legitimate contractors.
You should post the companies name on every diver website so we can all stay away from these idiots. And call OSHA so maybe some poor idiot does not get killed.
find a private country club and c about golf ball recovery. sounds much safer than that gig. what about something outside the industry to pay the bills until something more promising comes along. if u don't come back up who's gonna put a roof over their heads then. Good Luck my friend. U tried offshore?
R. Hood has a good you keep a discharge book??? Do you have an SCTW or BOSIET??? If so, maybe a thought to pursue some offshore stuff or grab another "sea going" position somewhere for the interim.
I can guarantee that if you go work for a gimm crakky outfit like that, you'll end up chasing the paycheck for months. When a company waters down the trade chances are they're out to screw people. It's already clear they don't give a rats ass about the regs &/or safety.
What is the name of the company?
have you thought about going back to your school and instructing? scuba shops? charter boats?
I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm tempted to ask him why he's not legit, then offer to show him how to get that way. I've been a business owner for almost two decades. There's no reason why he can't lease/buy gear and operate legally with all regs and insurances.

I take my exams for 100 Ton Captain's license next month. I'm not going to look too hard for anything until that happens. I don't want to stop class right in the middle to go on a 5 or 10 day job.


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