There is a novice diver working for a company in Farmington Iowa named John Di Santo claiming he has 10 years diving supervisor experience and can offer year round work at competitive wages. THIS IS A LIE! I experienced this first hand and after doing my research Mr. Di Santo has less than 5 years diving experience and NO SUPERVISOR experience. He is dangerous and has had numerous run ins with OSHA. He works like Miami divers but instead is not up front. He will convince mainly young divers to relocate to Iowa. Use them on one or two jobs then fire them and give no reason at all. He did this with four divers which Intern helped me make my decision to leave the company that was later gigged for over 100,000 by osha in dyersville iowa. Stay away!

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Dear Mr. Campbell,

I am replying to this for one reason and one reason alone, as a veteran diver and a Marine. Your behavior here in Iowa is less than honorable, as is your attitude.

Mr. Di Santo, has never nor would ever make the statements you claim, how do I know this? I trained him! I was brought back to Iowa to fix the mess you made here and cure the chaos you have been creating with his clients. The Iowa department of revenue will be in touch as to date you are not a registered business and attempting  to illegally compete for business.

There are several members of this site and others who will validate my skill and Seniority as well as the 30 plus years I have served this industry.

First lets set the record straight. You were hired to perform a job ( nothing more) you accessed a company computer to request an entire dive spread as "Required Employment equipment" from the VA. I was called to verify the need for this much gear by the VA. I denied your request, NOT John.

Second in violation of FEDERAL LAW you photographed John illegally on a government site in violation of the Homeland security Act.

Finally, I find it very distasteful that a Veteran would stoop so low as to attempt to use pity to dishonor anyone who attempted to hand you his check to feed your children while you found a new job after you were terminated ( you did not leave & I came up to fix the mess you created in Dyersvile as well the mission has been satisfactorily completed and there were no fines levied against Waggoner Solutions nor will there be) for your dishonorable behavior. Much less show no proof of the 12 years Army Diver experience you claimed but still were required to attend a dive school! It is very well know that any diver with prior Military Certs are not required any civilian training other than OJT!

To attempt to undermine the efforts of a young supervisor to make yourself look the victim when you yourself have at best minimal experience will cause you much grief in the future. For your sake I pray you have a patient and understanding family. It will be extremely hard, to regain your honor after what you have done.

The investigation into this matter has not been completed and I am not at liberty to make further comment.

For your own good, I would keep your lips sealed as of this second until it is until given permission to speak. The grave your digging right now is your own as far as careers go. Wise up and grow up.

That is All Troop!



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