to all i hate  unions

unions is for

c-nts that cant either friggin do it themselves or bloooodsucking parasites

to the lord allmighty


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Mike I agree however not all are like you and we are not operating in Dubi.
Just for the record here I am not advocating a union that word is posin in the South due to the past history of the Civil War. I would like to see Divers representing Divers interests for safety and wages instead of companies acting like they have the right to speak for them thru the ADC. Thanks for your input.

For What It is Worth;

The UBC{United Brotherhood of Carpenters] have the Jurisdiction{Issued by the Department of Labor] for Organizing "Commercial Diving" in USA.

The "Local Dockbuilder Union" is who represents the "Commercial Diver" member.

Looking to Organize, Contact the UBC Local in Your area.


I appreciate the heads up . I'm only trying to weekend warrior some inland work with mom and pop outfits, but i would support a organization that would look out for the safety and income of my brother and sister divers.
Flynn you like the smell of urine so much you turn every thing into a p*****g contest. How long were you in the Navy anyway?
I don't think the word union will be a problem there are many unions in place here already with the same good ole'boyz as members and running them.The sentiment is true & may have been a issue at one point ..
I think the risk taking personality of the diver is the biggest hurdle. The pay is way to low. We all know it & most of us have other skills that pay equal to or more without having to be underwater & are less seasonal. But still we can't wait to go under. If you want cohesiveness amongst the divers you need to work on that point. As the rov's become better there will be less and less need to use divers. The market is flooded with minimum qualification hands & continue to be . So we need a organization to to protect the interest of the diver and his family. As soon as there is a unionish org. in the GOM watch how fast the ADC and its member companies justify shorter to no break out periods.
seems like GOM Divers wouldnt have to re invent it if it already exists some where else
On the contrarey , Dale, the conversation I had with the coast Guard a few weeks ago, they stated that this had never been reported to them. It is not advisable for this to occur, however just like 8 month dive students being promoted to Diving Supervisor is also un acceptable as they lack the experience to react to certain situations that have never been encountered.
If reported by Divers who can validate their experience, and put it in writing, it will be investigated and delt with harshly, as this practice INVALIDATES the ADC claim to be a governing body by breaking their own rules ( supervisors must have at least 2 years of experience as a Diver 1 and an assistant deck supervisor the last time I read their propaganda.
Blaine believe me its still a huge issue your only seeing the tip of the of the icecube here. Thats why older guys are around to help add some way too soon forgotten history and prospective into the mix. Those projected union attitudes have a way of threatning the inexperienced and uneducated ones as to collective bargaining ways. The anti union ones have their own belief system of union people and their founded views and teachings and have not really gone away. There is a big picture outside of this website.
With all of that said any one can make up their own mind after they take a look at the wage scale for diving you posted and see hmmmm maybe just maybe I may not be getting compensated enough for my diving trade and those pay rates were for on shore diving work.
The old come on well we pay lower rates working offshore but you make more cause your offshore (away from civilization kinda reminds me of what a prisoner lives like but with pay) you get to work more hours there therefor more in your pocket sounds kinda like the companys are taking advaantage of a guy. Since when did we come into this world to give our life away so we could work for some company offshore and live in a prison type enviroment ? I fail to see any glamor and or charm here, its long, hard, dirty and isolated duty oh yea potentially dangerious work, rember the 10 guys from BP who will never see their familys again. So in my book that equates to risk should equals approate reward.
Anyway the word union in the Southern region is like saying "ok we are Yankees now" change comes very slow. Chosing a more regionally positive description of where this group needs to go we all need to hit a home run will help us all to score. We can all do better so lets put our heads together and go forward to better lifes for the wh*** industry.
Enough talk I have to go wash the salt off me bod as I just came in from a great dive. I love being a lifetime diver.


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