to all i hate  unions

unions is for

c-nts that cant either friggin do it themselves or bloooodsucking parasites

to the lord allmighty


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Shame on you tonieeeee, give a 100$ to your bosses, the ADC, you recieve a 10c card, i don't see union people as angry, we are allowed to vote, make more $$$, WORK CIVILIZED HOURS, FREE EDUCATION COURSES, picnics, news advisories from the politicos way before you all even are allowed to know where the ideas come from. Keep thinking the way you do, that's how mexico ended up the way it is. Vote against your own interests... Lance , from the left coast.....
All I heard in this post was "angst, angst, angst, angst"
Lance my friend your slipping you forgot to mention that for every hr you work your also paid what $3.00+ per hr vacation pay that goes into your vacation fund above and beyond your working wages that already include real benifits .
Man now I am slipping I almost forgot to mention that at the end of your diving career you have earned a RETIREMENT every month for the rest of your life. So do you now have one in place ? So guys how do the other companies measure up today? Its called collective barganing representation guys for your labor in the diving trade that your risking your a**** for. Wake the f up guys you need some kind of bargaining representing power it dosent have to be union but you and me need to be represented the ADCI is. You and me dont have S$%$. unless of course you really think that your relationship with the HR department and your ops guy are there for your best interests. at the end of the line. Get hurt once and see how many calls you get to go back to work. You and me are expendable and are used and paid seasonally as such. Just the facts, just the hard cold facts of our industry.
So where is everybody going this year with their vacation bonus money since we have so much time off ? What no one penciled in one oh! S@#$ I hate it when that happens.
I love being a diver and I really love it even more when I have been paid really good for what I know how to do. Hey ! Ever made $5,000. a day in diving ? Thats right $5,000. a day well I have but you'll need more going for you as it can go very quickly think of a retirement coming in from diving at the end of the line for the rest of your life. Wake up guys if your lucky to get this far you'll need a retirement fund. Got one ? If not Well you'll wish like hell you did have one. Plan ahead and stay ahead, it pays to be a winner. Thanks for listening.
The wh*** idea of a union is to protect the little guy . Divers need more protection than the guy who bags groceries & he's got a union .If we're on a job & one Diver says thats unsafe his tender will say I'll do it. Some hand on the beach will say I'll do it twice for less money.
The problem with unions is they are often/always corrupt.
Blaine that is true in some cases however let me ask you this "do you think that their are corrupt people in regular non companies ?" That is my point here Blaine sterio typing unions is like sterio typing people. They are not all bad and not all good human nature prevails.
The real big deal here in my view and experience is that divers are really not represented in their trade of diving. We need more tools in place to look out for us . The HR person and ops person is not there to look out for us. Welders get more respect and are appreciated more on jobs so why and how can we at least do the same ? By get more certificatrions most likely not-what say you my diving brother ?
I grew up in a Union house, we never went without groceries, my old man got 2 paid vacations a year, and it paid for our educations. It also kept the door open to children of members if they followed in their parents foot steps. Currently the ADC (classified as a trade association) Speaks for you. While regulations are being written to control who dives, and who doesn't. Recently they included in their CFR draft a section on scuba (remember that until now Scuba was for emergencies? ) The reason its in there is because foreign members Use scuba daily, and divers are dying because of it. When a group of "used-to-be's" sees a way to make money in an industry it can no longer be active in, it becomes an association -
Standing alone from each other, we starve while Associations feed on the stupidity and lack of experience rookies. Im not saying rookies are stupid, but they are nieve. WHen you step on deck for the first time and your supervisor says move, you dont talk back. WHen the ADC speaks, this new breed doesnt ask questions.
Unions have always kept members informed. Back to the scuba and foreigner thing. as things get tighter,
foreign drillers will bring in their own divers,(who are by the way Unionized) and take over the fields.
Starting to see the positive side now?
THe ADC is opening the door for disaster, when a foreigner dies in our waters, the USCG's hands will be tied.
In the older days (pun intended,) tenders never paid for an education, they earned it. It was one of those old "law of the sea things" .
I recently (This past year) after 20 years of working in and around this business went to one of these schools. Education wise, I give them the highest of recommendations always. However it cost $24000.00 taxpayer dollars (mine included ) for me to go there. 20 years ago, I learned these things from divers for free, got fed well and paid learning. If we as American's more over American Working Divers dont get together soon, our craft will be history. In 20 years, I have never gone more than 7 days without a phone call, since the day I posted the numbers to the Coast Guard on this site, Ive yet to get a call. SO you tell me whos pulling the strings? you or the ADC Leadership? (Old Divers / Now Business Owners).
All of us have the right to speak up, the younger ones cant - why? Because the trade association watchdogs ( and trust me boys there's one on EVERY Job! ), keep them in the dark, and happy with a full log book. I had a guy I went to school with THIS YEAR! He graduated in Feburary Take and pass his SUPERVISORS TEST! (Don't get me wrong here, first hes a Marine Combat Vet - he has the wisdom, and he's getting the experience), but the ADC makes it easy for companies to promote from within without question to keep these guys broke. And Indebted to the ones who promoted them.) We need to stop cutting each others throats, when its convenient and start standing together before the next company you sign on to is flying a Chinese Flag on its vessel in US waters!


"ADC was formed by a group of five diving companies who were operating in the Gulf and decided to fight unionization. Their goal was to establish standards so that the government would not start imposing regulations on the diving companies."

the question is what are we gonna do about the union issue
You guys are not going to sell this consept using the word "Union" I didnt grow up in the South but I can tell you because I have family there that the word "Union" wont do it. Try something like divers trade co-op or divers safety watchdog association. The ADC was built on the words divers safety it sure worked for them. I think we are about divers safety and pay standards. We are talking about collective bargaining here that is how to be professional and get the most out of our labor as divers.
A true Southern'er generally would rather die than submit to the Union (rember the civil war, who won ? The Union-get it that word is really poisin in the South-the Civil war was only about 150 years ago-thats my point here) work with the South to improve divers safety and pay scales in a manner that dosent insulting the people and the heritage that management can feel good about too lets chose another word for our collective and safety bargaining efforts.
How bout this, The National Association (see it coming?)of Working Divers. by default, if you dive, your already a member.
Industry Divers Standing up and speaking out for Industry Divers..........You've paid your dues by getting wet, sweating on deck and losing (or nearly losing) everything you believed in.Now are you ready to do something about it?

Now, who's got the balls to stand up for their families, their lifestyles, their mortgages(rent), their dignity? Out of 2000 Id bet 10 would stand up, and those names are already on a roster. Anyone else care to walk thru the door.
As a honorable Louisiana Military Navy Diving Veteran I would submit that the choices here and all over are to either realize the value of coming together as a Divers working group that voices our working safety and wage scale conscerns or be divided and conquered by HR and OP MGR personnel who really dont work for divers interests. Their real job is to cover a companys ass and look for cheap labor and will cut Divers costs without any reservation when it comes to you the working diver and any kind of real working benefits like vacation pay, retirement, etc.. it goes in their pocket not yours.
Divers choice either a Divers representing Divers group or folks that have less interest in real divers needs. My name is Ace Parnell and I stand behind these views-what say you ?


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