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"Coca-Cola laid me off... Back to paradise I go!"


They are hiring
Nathan Peterson said:
"Coca-Cola laid me off... Back to paradise I go!"
fook this, I,m headin back to Nigeria, it,s safer
look into my eyes it won't hurt a bit

steve h
maybe al gore was right!
mmmmmm 2 arms 2 legs and a bigg ass with bubbles, now if I can just get my ass to go down....
Can I be a Diver too if I can hold my breath longer than you?
Topside Air mail that rig ax on the double!
No topside I'm not narked, it's a sodding polar bear. NOW UP ON DIVERS SLACK!!!


I'm not s***ting you, I didn't lose the CP meter it was stolen by the big white bear. And you can tell the hellipad I'm 85kg and have two bags.
get me the f*** out of here,,, i just seen my x-wife
" Ya so looks like I am not the only one who thinks I look like a seal, should have let the tender dive."
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