Underwater Intervention 2011 in New Orleans Feb. 22 to 24th "let the good times Roll"

Anyone got any photos to post or know where the Hospitiality suite partys are ?

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Go to Frenchman's Street thats about one an a half blocks past Esplanade St. just barely outside of the French Quarter close to the river they have the best local clubs there. Its more of where the locals go. Try club DBA and you'll be talkin about the good times you enjoyed there for along time yea. There are also 4 or 5 more clubs there affordable fun just great music and people aw yea!
Yea Island girls are the best Bra!

Ace, I spent 8 hours a day at UI then hit all the partys, where were you?

would have liked to clink the scotch glass's with you.

Les Gorski sold his interest in the Gorski helmet to Aqua Lung so there is a new player on the block. Next thing you know KMB will buy Aqua Lung and then the Gorski will sit in the dust with the Miller.

Great technology and comradeship at UI, looking forward to UI 2012.

Fred did you ever make it to any of the clubs on Frenchman street ? If you had you would have heard me playing "When the Saints come marching in" on my sax from a way out here. Next time Fred we'll have that drink.

Yes Aqua Lung bought The Gorski hat and your most likely right about the Aqua Lung outcome. I have been reviewing that in my mind and would not be suprised if that would be the future out come.

I don't know about that Ace. Aqualung International is the worlds largest producer of diving equipment. Furthermore it's parent company is L'aire Liquide, think Cousteau family. Aqualung aka US Divers was the owner and manufacturer of the KM products from 1968 to 1988 when they sold the rights back to Bev. At one time they were very much into commercial diving gear. There were some lawsuits, after which US Divers opted out of commercial diving. Sounds as if they're planning on getting back into the game. They certainly have the cashflow and resources.
Diva Darling yes I rember that history and rember KM being hooked up with Aqua Lung US Divers Corp.  thats where Fred and my thoughts revert back to the idea of them attaining a future stake again. I wish them World'ly success in marketing the Gorski hat.


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