Would apprenticing for another trade like plumbing or welding before or during dive school help my chances picking up jobs after dive school? Any advice helps. Thanks

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Diving school teaches you how to go up and down in the water and live to tell the tale, its what you are sent there to do that counts. You must have trade skills or your worthless to the Diving Contractor.

I never hired divers unless they were also certified welders or pile driver men.

I would suggest you apply to a trade apprenticeship and obtain journeymen status as a welder / rigger.

This will keep you working in between diving projects. You must have value to the employer to get a job and the more skills you have the more value you are.

Thanks for the advice! I'm starting a plumbing apprenticeship soon and I'm wondering if I should go through with it and eventually go journeymen or just drop it all together and go into welding?

I would go ahead with the plumbing and apply to the pile drivers or Iron workers union for apprenticeship - you can always drop the plumbing.

Having a journeymen card is a big deal and gives you options.

education is never wasted. the more you know the better opportunities you will get.

Thanks will do! & Would you recommend navy diving as good alternative also?

Navy diving is very good if you want to commit to a enlistment.

There is no assurance that you would go to Navy Diving School.

A old diver buddy and I were talking about the good ole day's last week, and Joe tell's me how he got started: He and a bud out in Cal. went on a bender for a few day's. About that time he starts countin' his monies and figures he's light, about the same time he gets a call telling him that he's already missed the first 2 day's of class. That's when he realized he and his bud are enrolled to become deep sea diver's, good bye plumbing job.Half-way through the course he quits, to work in a auto mechanic shop, eventually he completes his dive school and goes on to work the offshore diving industry 70's 80's and untill recently consulted on dive job opps in the G of M.

It's about having a skill that requires a different kind of elevator.

Absolutely a trade beforehand or your pretty much worthless. Carpenter, welder, mechanic all are valuable assets.


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