We want to create a top 10 list, based on your answers! So tell us, why become a commercial diver? Don't tell us why not to, I am making another forum for that.

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It is better than prison.
I must admit that diving has been a profound and character building element in my life, the travel and life affecting experience has left little physical evidence more the intrinsic philosopical

1. I didn't get accepted to law school
2. I didn't get accepted to med school
3. I didn't get accepted to business school
4. I did get accepted to the Marine Corps
5. I didn't see the police man around the back of the house
6. I didn't know growing marijuana for possible medical use was illegal
7. I had no money for a lawyer
8. Public defenders must be people that failed out of dive schools
9. The wise judge found an opening at CHINO
10. Either be a diver or make liscene plates.
Im still waiting on my X Box 360... bastard isnt getting the hint! Explains the 5min or 2hr phone conversations too, depends in how long hes been offshore. LOL
The confusion is over the fact I play video games or the phone conversations in reflection to the lenght of stay offshore?
Thats very true & I can prove it!!!
I was told I would make $300,000.00 a year! Thats why I became a commercial diver!
Diver or a cubicle 5 days a week every week, Hmm let me think.
Because I can’t be an astronaut
Because my chick dumped me..
Top ten reasons to become a commercial diver:

10 - The camaraderie.

9 - Getting to see and do what few people ever get to experience.

8 - Divers get to tell good stories to people who have no idea what we do.

7 - Divers get to fabricate even better stories to people who have no idea what we do.

6 - Summertime sun gives you an awesome safety gla**** raccoon-eyes tan.

5 - You can afford to party harder than average when you get back on the beach.

4 - Unlimited food & snacks in the galley!

3 - Sweet dive hat.

2 - You can justify buying a badass laptop for going offshore.

1 - You can pee while you work, and whenever you feel like it!!! (unless you're in a f*ing drysuit)

Well, back in 1972 I saw an add in Skindiver magazine for a diving school with the headline, " Adventure, World travel, High pay".

That worked for me then and is still working for me today, never looked back!


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