We want to create a top 10 list, based on your answers! So tell us, why become a commercial diver? Don't tell us why not to, I am making another forum for that.

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because other jobs making the same money won't hire felons :)
If that dude was a decent diver he wouldn't be so worried about some scrub tenders coming outta dive school. Relax buddy it's just a list. If his jobs that fragile maybe he need to look at another job............ Maybe ROV's.
Its awesome because its bloody awesome to talk about in pubs/ to chicks!

However... as nights progress and drinks go down the stories get more "feathered" make sure your not talking to a supervisor and an owner of a WA COMMERCIAL DIVING BUSINESS!!!!! Man oh man did I ever get shut down!!!
heyyyy , im gonna get my course soon and i know its a s*** one only for 30 m but hope its enought for getting a job as a diver ......

i working in a funeral home now so i just want to do something that i love.......dive.

diving is mi top reason , just for that.
30m scuba or surface supplied?

30m scuba = scientific work mainly
30m surface suplied = onshore work mainly
Hello to all my fans out there,

Seems to be that people have difficulty in seeing the reason for my reply and believe I'm attacking new divers to the industry. If your interested to understand more of what I have to say read on, if all you want to do is hate me continue to write your comments, I love it bring it on.

So if we can remember way back when the post was originaly posted the site was relatively new and started by a couple of guys who wern't career divers but gave it go to see what it was all about once, funny video by way got a good giggle out of it. Please don't confuse this as an attack on the creators. The post asked "10 top reasons; why become a commercial diver?" my concern was this sounded very much like a promotional strategy to encourage more people into the industry, by guys who didn't have a real connection to it. Hence my reply and the words "what is your motivation". As it was there was a follow up post which clarified things for me which I responded to. My initial thoughts were maybe this site had been funded by either a dive school or some industry body where it would be to their advantage to recruite as many people into the industry as possible. Sounds a little paranoid doesn't it but anything is possible in the money driven oil industry.

I have no problem with peoples decision to join this industry, the people who will succeed in this industry will naturally be drawn to it and if they decide this is what they want to do then only determination, hard work and presistence will see them in it. I just don't think this industry needs to be promoted to the broader public like a military recruitment drive.
Your a badass that's a pretty good reson to me
to give the weaker of the sex that have soft hands, matching socks, no more than 1 roomate and a desk that you don't have to tape/screw/nail/weld s*** down so's to keep the flying supervisors packet/smokes/both cups of coffee/chew/both dip cups (with optional soaked paper towel projectile/big digit timer and the 16 jack vilas pens in a variety of colors from murdering the only printer left that works, so they might have some fighting chance finding a mate while they are starving for some somethings from real men. (and women). Silly boy, hit my girl, she will just laugh...
You actually get paid to wear black rubber suits and pee on yourself! What more could you ask for?
yes. Piss yourself ! Almost as good as a golden shower on a cold, fireplace-less winter night
You get paid good money for doing simple labor where most people won't go.
I understand why some guys are pissed about the flood in the industry but if you're any good, don't have a s*** attitude, and aren't full of self righteous buls***, what's the problem? The jobs got to get done and proparly at that.

So some $80 a day muppet might get the job but he won't get it done. Be concerned about those pationate about the job, hard working without attitude and heaps of determination.

I could spend the wh*** day in the water, i love this job and plan on being in the industry for some time to come.


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