We want to create a top 10 list, based on your answers! So tell us, why become a commercial diver? Don't tell us why not to, I am making another forum for that.

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Nick Mennacher said:
Geez Mate you cant be too crash hot if your worried about some inexperienced diver straight out of school taking your work. And im prity sure only guys that are in the industry are going to be answering questions on this site, so relax, s*** only 0.1% of the population actually know what a commercial diver does. Happy Diving
Divers have hot wives and girlfriends...
HAHAHA like them dangerous and cocky...naughty too!! ;)
Hit all the high notes Im sure ;)
Really? I got that bit wrong then ;o)

Hope the wife isn't reading this
I can do anything you can do wetter.

The stories are what i dive for.
"I can do anything you can do wetter"

Yea, I had a drysuit like that once, too..
- Too stupid for school.

- Maybe only work half of the time.

- Too stupid for school.

- Probably the only thing I´m half good at.

Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment my friend!!!
he meant getting it, not calling you it
Because I was too dumb to be accepted by a real college
it gets me away from the wife when she's on the war path!!


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