Too many think they are going to become a diver by going to school only to end up 2 years later still owing big money for schooling and then decide to change jobs???

It's a shame and I hate to see it happen but it does and way too often so I want to (some one needs to) put the word out that diving work is really not steady work and companies run this business not the schools. The reason I am writting this is because new people need to really hear a few of the hard facts of where all of this all goes before they step thru the doors. I really don't like seeing the next generations bcome mislead by sales hype and bling because this is a hard business one has to face up to the facts.. Hard life, separations and weeks at a time offshore strain personal and family relationships compounded with the reality that just one injury could knock a guy out of the field for good and if like most you most likely will still have the training bill to pay for. Today especially in these times it figures out to be big bucks you want to be on solid ground here.

Its been said that we already have enough divers and tenders for the next 60 years. I can't vouch for that personally but I know theres alot more dive diplomas than there are jobs. If your in any way wanting to enter this field you first need to really prepair yourself with a trade and get your hard finances set before hand.

Way too many find find out the real hard way too late and end up dropping out of the field because this is a unsteady and hard business to try and make it in not to mention try and make a steady living in..  Its a known fact that this work is pretty much seasonal at best and it's like farm, fishing, stock market, housing market it all has its hay days and down turns and lean times. Presently its not a prime time. So you need to think it out before you shell out your hard earned cash. Nothing in or around boats,diving and welding comes cheap. Contary to some popular myths there are very few rich divers. Good Luck.

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Arron Tippin said it Best, "You've Got to STAND FOR SOMETHING, or You'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING".
Until we get together as an international group, we will just keep falling....
Ive worked for alot of good companies over the years, who do not support the ADC or its activity. It is a self serving Group. They use Diver safety as their platform, however they forgot about the wages that are a right of skill. THough most of the group members have no trouble paying their bills, many have forgotten the ones who bleed that pay them.....
yep, sometimes grads get lucky hiring on in a good season after hurricanes....and then there's times like now. i got lucky, but that luck ran out after a few years. never thought i'd be in a position of running around the lower states in search of money. it happens...and be prepared for it.
Hell, there's nothing here right now, I get calls, and then get called off. Whats up with that? Routine


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