Hey Guy's

Just thought I would open a thread which people can post on and offer tips for new divers!

As many of you may remember, it was not the easiest time getting into the industry and the first few jobs being the hardest!

Offer up some POSITIVE suggestions.

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thats you retarded
Learn all you can about your job, internet, periodicals, etc. research-research-research. Understand sequence of events leading to your (diver) intervention, know enough about the diving requirements to anticipate what is happening now, what happens next and why, and what should be happening- what can you do to facilitate the next divers requirements to save time and effort. In short know your business, be professional, know your s*** and you live longer and better. when you get good-you'll know to have a plan "B"
i dont normally post here, but as a fellow diver in aussie i will say this..

mouth shut, ears open.... thats the main part,
dont make excuses for f*** ups, better yet dont make any! (but we all do)
and show your willing to learn....

also take no note of the negitive comments on here, they dont dive here, we do.
couple of good contracts coming up in adelaide... keep ur ears up!
Hi Antz

Can you tell me more about the contracts coming up in Adelaide, please?... Will appreciate it very much.
Keep a good attitude no matter what. You will get your share of razzing being a newbie. Take it like a man (or woman) and you'll gain some respect.
During down times keep busy. There is always something that needs to be cleaned up, organized, lubed, etc. Someone will notice if you are doing the little things without constantly being told what to do.
During dive opps, pay attention to the flow of things and try to keep track of what might be needed next. (cutting rods, Line, shackles, etc)
And like the other guys said, Mouth shut, Eyes open!
Once you get a chance to make a dive eventually, it will probably be a pretty simple one, take a deep breath, relax and do the best you can.
Good luck. It's a tough but rewarding way to make a living.

Good stuff Steve. Thanks for the word.

Thanks very much for all this tips¡¡¡¡¡ im gonna do my course soon so will see how it goessssssss
For a serious tip after my previous smart ass tip, Get out on deck before you have to and get up to speed on whats happening. When you go out on deck bring 2 cups of coffie, one for the supervisor and one for the standby diver. Spend a little time cleaning up the dive station. Stay a little time past your shift on deck. Last but not least, do not bug the supervisor with stupid questions, do not ask him how many hours you got hat day, or offer "ideas" on how to do the job while there are divers in the water. And do not be a buddyf***er. One last one is, cover up the gang tats and pull out those stupid looking piercing rings or whatever you call them. They do not make you look tough, just stupid.
You know exactly who I am talking about.
When your starting out ask lots of questions!
None of us have all the answers and don't dog it on the water.
If you get stuck and you don't know what to do ask. Don't just burn
bottom and try to fake it. It'll make you look like a dumbass and the supervisior won't
put you back in for a while.

It only takes one lie to make you a liar.....and that'll be the end of your

~ good luck
hi, im very new to diving, and i stumbled across an advertisement for the ocean corporation in huston texas. the job sounds really interesting, and exciting. im a very mechanical person, and willing to take risks. what i want to know is, are there really jobs out there for commercial divers, and how does the future look. i got allot of fluffy crap from the school, but i want the low down from someone who does this for a living. is it a good career path to take? it sounds like what i have been looking for in a job, but what are the s***ty things about it? is there a way anyone could suggest of getting into the business? anyways my personal email is mrcolter@q.com. anyone with helpful advice please post on here or email me, im very interested in getting into commercial diving. thank you much.


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