this sorry SOB is looking for work on the East coast (ny/nj)

Still looking.......graduated Nov. 23rd from Divers Academy in NJ. Started my job search about a month before I graduated. Was on the hunt till I had my wedding on Dec. 18th then went on my honeymoon. Came home and started my hunt again. From what I gather there is no work any where. Can anybody help a brother out???

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Good luck with the union... psh.. it's all in who you know and when a job kicks off. I've been promised that mythical "big job" for almost 4 years now. Right now, there are lots of 1456 divers out of work. You just really have to network and call around for work. Seems like everyone's slow now. Email me or somethine, we'll discuss if you want.
Where in Conn are you??? At this point choking hose is starting to look pretty tempting.
Where is Danny Boy at? Is Reggie looking to stay in CT or is he going to NY?
send me your email/number and I'll give ya a shout. Spoke to Reggie briefly yesterday. He was supposed to call me back last night but didn't I might just try him again this afternoon.


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