Thinking seriously about going to commercial dive school......

I am currently in the Army as a welder and am getting out very soon. Commercial diving is something that has spiked my interests for many reasons:

It seems like a very demanding and high risk profession.
People have to learn the skills and constantly build upon them every day to make it.
It can take you to some very interesting places.
You can see the world that very few people will ever see.
The pay is good, when there is work.
The work, when there is work, is demanding physically, is very stressful, and calls for highly skilled professionals.

These are basically my top reasons I guess for wanting to go to dive school. I would like some season pros to comment on a few and maybe give me your reasons for joing the field. Also, am thinking about CDA in Florida. Any comments, suggestions?

Thanks for any and all responses.

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Thank you everyone for your replies.... I trully appreciate all of them. Keep em comin!
I would suggest Santa Barbara City College Marine Technology Program.
Lower cost then private schools, top notch training.
Graduates climb the ladder of success much faster.
The more you learn the more the employer will take that second look at your application.
As an employer I always gave SBCC graduates priority in hiring. Its the ability of leadership the employer is looking for. They need employees that will grow with the company.
Hey Morgan, So far your on the right trail your already a skilled welder with experience so your ready to build on your welding and life skills. Being x Army Airborne and x Navy Diver I too have a few seasoned opinions for you to consider why don't you send me a personal message and I will be happy to do so. Thanks for your National service.
Morgan you do know that the Army has a diving program dont you ? Maybe they will send you to school and give you a reup bonus $$$$$$ that might beat having to pay for it out of your pocket as when most leave a school they owe big $$$$$ and since the current job market looks flat could be a good move. Who ya Army Divers!
do it brother!!!!!!!!!
Ace is right, get the Army to train you. When you get out and MAYBE get a job, your lead divers and supervisors will train you to become a commercial diver. Commercial divers are much different from Military divers, but the equipment and physics are the same. Some companies hire only vets for commercial work on military gear, such as KRS and Seaward.

Look at the Helmets to Hardhats Program.

You will get training, and be paid during training{they way it should be] and You will be in a UNION!

The Helmets to Hardhats Program speaks for itself!

Your wrote; ..."am thinking about CDA in Florida."...

Save Your money, Better training elsewhere for less money!{with Helmets to Hardhats Program You will be Paid.]

Excellent advise also
Don't forget the 26 ounce first aid kit***
Might as well-can't kill them all, by myself.
Well Woodsy might as well give Morgan the courtesy of a response to an oft posed enquiry. It has been in my limited experience, notable that the longest lasting and most avid divers have considered diving as their inevitable fate. Something I was going to do from a youngish age, no question. In setting about accomplishing that end I worked at all things maritime. Wharf building, pile-driving, deckhand, dredger crew, etc. etc. inexorable ain't I. Morgan everything you say is true, and more-the trick is wearing s*** down till you get your way, times are tough now but if its a diver you're going to be, carry on--remember to add value, learn lots that enhances your cv compared to many burger flipper/house painters who are now deep sea divers cause they have a piece of paper that says so. Luck, b
Hey, I resemble that comment. My first job was at Buger King. Every tadpole has to start in a pond somewere. Stay wet bro.


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